Friday, August 29, 2008

Not much time- NCPC- family

This has been a busy week without a lot of time for pots.

On Tuesday I had a big meeting with supporters of the NCPC. It was a great and productive meeting. Fundraising is going well. The auction for September is well on its way. I heard ads for it on NPR yesterday.
The potters in the Penland area are planning to set aside a pot per potter during their upcoming Potters Market in October. The pots set aside and sold will go directly to the North Carolina Pottery Center’s funds.

A new addition to Potters selling works for the NCPC is Dan Finch of Bailey NC
He has put up a beautiful 2 foot tall wood fired pot. You can enter to win this work of art for the low price of 10.00.
Make checks out to:
NCPC Raffle
C/O Dan Finch
5526 Finch Nursery Rd. Bailey NC 27807
Make check to the NCPC and be sure your phone number and address are included.

Mark Hewitt’s raffle pot on his website has raised over 2K-WOW – how great is that??!! It just keeps coming.

The supporters for the NCPC did a letter writing campaign to legislators and the response was big. Don’t stop- keep writing your legislators and letting them know how important the NCPC is.
The NCPC is an important part of the Seagrove area and the state at large. For those of us who love pottery and the traditions of pottery making it is unbeatable.

The last few days have been filled with family visits. We had Joel’s second set of future in laws in from Michigan. He is getting married in May and we have now met the immediate family. Good folk’s all- lucky kid. He and Katie will have strong backers to help them through the trails and tribulations of marriage.
We are wishing them the best- they are well matched and we are keeping her!
The next visitor to creep in the back door is my younger sister who was in Greensboro to snatch up a deal on a used kayak. I expect she will throw in it the pond today. She will leave Saturday morning, just in time for daughter Anna and her boyfriend to be here for the week-end.
Time to heat the grill!

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