Monday, December 17, 2018

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A taste of spring in winter

6x6, more like 61/4
 We did get over to unload the kiln the other day. It took some careful steps with ice on the ground. I am much more aware that I do not want either of us to take a spill.

I was overall happy with the tiles. I always see what I could have done better first. Then I have to tell myself to set it all aside and sleep on it, look with fresh eyes, note issues and move ahead.

I am guilty of taking a left on a sharp curve instead of staying straight on a path. I am always rethinking the background of the tiles. I jump back and forth and sometimes I just jump off the deep in and try something else. I don't want those areas to take over the tile just to add to or sit quietly in the back part of the design. 
6x6 more like 61/4
It is always a process.

I tucked this one in a frame because that is another thought that I have, framing some of the tiles.

I always come back from that just wondering if it is what I want to do.
I can make a tile and then let someone decide how they want it to be used, framed or not. I like both.
Still mulling this one...

When I am choosing color I will quickly go red. I like red, I like the pop of color. We are in the age of gray walls, red loves gray walls.
But, this yellow combination has grabbed me lately. Oh, I am smitten with the yellows and greens. They are bright and cheery.

8x8, plus
 True confession on the tile on the bottom, I think I got carried away by the dragonflies...too many?
 Or, not enough!?

We are still waiting to be safe from ice on the driveway and will be closed another day.
Thursday I head over to teach, let's melt this stuff today, please. I will leave it up to Mark to open tomorrow  while I am gone. We should be open on Friday and Saturday.
Put Seagrove on your list of places to visit. I would be happy to point you to places to stay, eat or have a drink.
Stop in!

Monday, December 10, 2018

So close......

 The kiln should be cool enough to open all the way to get pots and tiles unloaded, but it was snow, rain, ice yesterday. Then snow today.
For the moment I am staying put in the house.
If it feels safe to make the walk over to the kiln I will do that later.
I did that yesterday only to be greeted with an icy pine branch that cracked and came crashing down just a few feet from where I was. I heard it, stopped and then watched as it came down just a little too close. This, I thought, is how people get killed walking out in an ice storm.
It did not take me long to go back to the house. 
 We spent last night listening to the crack and fall of limbs.
Maybe today we can take count of the damages around us.
 Stay safe and warm today, tomorrow is another day.