Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A satisfying end and new beginnings

This is the end of the kiln for us, the beginning of a kiln for others.
Today, we clean, and plan.
Dreams can come true.

Friday, June 9, 2017


 I am not sure how I should title this post.
A man and his kiln.
New beginnings.

We are letting go of our large kiln that we built in 1986. We fired many good pots, and many questionable pots in this kiln. It was designed by Mark and built with my help. We used soft brick and dry stacked it, cutting the soft brick as needed to make it fit. We talked about the dry stacking as opposed to the method of mortar. We had seen how difficult it was to take apart a kiln with mortar, our decision was to dry stack in case we needed to take it down or rebuild it. Our thoughts when we built Ms. B was to rebuild this one as a smaller kiln.
Then life changed a bit for us, we found we like working in a smaller kiln, and, I am making more and more tile.
The last time we fired this kiln was January 2016.
Mark told me one day that he was ready to let it go and let it go while the brick could still be used.
We sold the brick and we sold it for a song.
I am sure people will think we were crazy, but behind crazy you can find reason.
 We had our reasons.
We wanted to find someone who would be dedicated to removing the brick from the kiln, and putting that brick back to use, building a new kiln, youth, we were looking for youth, and they found us.
A young couple are in the process of removing the brick and taking it home with them to now plan a new wood fired kiln. They were planning a small kiln, this is going to allow them to build a larger kiln.
There are times in your life that you are helped, we were, and we know it. We built this kiln with help from my parents. Back in the day getting a loan for an art based business was difficult to say the least. They co-signed for us. This was a big investment for us. 5,000.00 . But, if you take that and divide it over 30 years that is 166.67 per year or closer to 200.00 if we are thinking of interest. What we did was pay this off as quick as possible.
As we watched the bricks being stacked in the back of trailers and pickup trucks it is bittersweet.

the patenia of many years of shoes with the local red dirt.
 With bitter is the sweetness of knowing this will be a start for a young potter. It is not always about the dollars, yes, we could have asked more money for the brick, but why? I think we all got what we needed. We are pretty happy watching it go away. We are not leaving it to Rot away and maybe have no use later. Over the past few years I have watched people hang on to things that they think are important. My thoughts is it has no life unless you give it such.
This kiln will have a new life.
 We have new space.
What's next?
Not sure
Stay tune.
Look at the marks the burners made, arches. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

We live in

 interesting times.
When life is filled with so much controversy and you fill as if you will explode from all the news of the day, it's time for a car trip. Yeah, I know you don't think you have the time, but when better to just get away and clear out your head.
So just do it, pack a bag, grab a map and make a plan.
No thought, just go.

Remember when folks hit the road for the unusual locations? When we travel we like to look for what is off the highway. Interstate travel is fast and made to get a person from point a to point b. The backroads of travel are made for a slower pace of life, just meandering the roads, following the new and unexpected to find the gems of the backroads.
We are one of those places that is a destination, you need to come off the highway to find us.
If you do you would not be disappointed, we have rolling hills, it's hay cutting time, cows, goats, chickens, and a lot of pottery shops. At the end of the day look for places to stay in Asheboro, Southern Pines, or even locally in a B&B.
 Food, we have several local restaurants in our area.  If you need a bit a night life, head to Asheboro for a beer at Four Saints, a glass of wine at  Lumina, dinner at Bia's Hardware. There are other places to eat that you can look up, these are just our favorites.
So, pack a bag, grab your car keys and get out, it's good for the soul. Call us, email us, let us know you are coming.

 Just a few pots from the last kiln load. I took the black vase outside and spent a few minutes trying to get a picture and noticed that the black glaze picked up the red from the building and the green from a tree. I like those elements even though I know it is just a reflection.

Happy Thursday!