Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A day for planning

It's time to plan a firing for Ms. B,
even though she is a smaller kiln than the old workhorse kiln we had, now retired, we try to keep the same habits we always used. We still feel it saves us time in the long run to know which pots are going in the kiln with a side shelf of extras that are on stand by as fillers for that hole or two, or as a replacement for a glaze gone bad.
We have a board that we marker off back in 1982 for just this job and it still works great.
 The new layer to the planning is taking a picture with the camera or phone to look as we are loading to be sure we are getting the pots in the right placement.
The top picture will be the top of the stack. The picture to the right will be used about midway up, 6 inches in height. We also make sure the pots will fit under the height requirement. Learning to make like items makes the work of planning easier.

 There is nothing worse than having one pot that is too tall for the shelf to toss off the loading and leave us looking at or for a pot to take it's place. It is also best if you notice that too tall pot before you put the shelf down.

I am working in some red clay right now. These pots will help me fill out the electric kiln when I am glazing and firing tiles. I found that just trying to fill up a kiln with tiles takes too long. We have slowly been adding some thrown pottery to the mix to help move things through at a quicker pace. The idea is to keep these shapes simple, useful items such as mugs, bowls, spoon rest, birdhouses, sugar jars and salt jars. I am sure a few more items will find their places in the mix.
We have fired some pottery with the last two firings of tiles, I am pretty sure that it will make my life a little easier, maybe, I hope, of course, what could possibly go wrong.....
More pictures as things move along.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The big pond

 There are times that you need a new view to look at. We recently had to take a trip for family, but also took a few nights to go see the big pond we both grew up with.
It is interesting that we both spent time at this same area. He as a teen, me as a kid.
There are a lot of memories tied to this area. While we were there we had the most wonderful weather. It almost had us going home and packing it all in. Then we remembered July.
 We decided to hold in NC with our own humidity and heat.

We are both back in the studio, me rolling tiles, him throwing bowls.
It is a great week for getting some focus before the summer semester rolls in.

Ah, such beauty the beach can be....

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Living with Mr. Doubt

Do you wake up some days only to doubt every thought in your head?
There are days that we all breeze through life, like a skater on ice. Then there are other days that it is all you can do to take care of the task at hand.
Those are the days that Mr. Doubt comes to call.
He is great at sitting on your shoulder and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. He loves to start with, "what are you doing?" and then go on to,"where are you going with this?' Oh, buddy, get off my shoulder and go bug some other poor soul.
I think we all have these times no matter what you are doing as a living where you feel like an imposter in your own skin.
There are days where it's all good and days where a good hide under the covers is what you need.
We love what we are doing, but there are days that we wonder if.....wonder if we should have taken a different path, a better path to a higher life style. I do wonder if I had been the teacher I thought I was going to be if I would have luster after being a potter. We all wonder if, if this, if that, if only.
Then you get a grip and move on.
This is what we do.
And, Mr. Doubt, go take a long walk on a short pier, I have things to do.