Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Last week it was

It was so hot that all you want to do is move from one building to the other. You need a lot of water to drink, and there is not enough water that you can put on a plant to make it happy.
The flowers I planted  have gone from grand to miniatures. I have these tiny flowers instead of the large ones I planted.
 Then today we only reached the 80's. Thank you!

Mark has been making many mugs, beer mugs, coffee mugs, mugs, mugs and more mugs. Just in case there is a run on mugs we are ready.
 The end of he day picture.
We still maintain the habit of cleaning up before we walk out for the evening. It is the ritual of putting it all to bed. It also makes for a nice beginning to come in and have a clean space to work.
I spent one day last week cleaning the gallery. Dusting and rearranging the pottery, fluffing things up a bit.
It makes me feel better...
I don't have a lot to say this week, I am just trying to work while I have a few weeks off. I am working on more tiles while Mark is working pots.

Stop in, it's cool inside, we have a/c in the store.
We don't want folks running out the door because they are too hot to think.
How are things going in you neck of the world, hot, cold, just right...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Just a few tiles

 Here are a few of the tiles that came out of the last kiln.
Here is one of the houses that I did. I have another that I like even better but it will have to wait until I can get a better picture.
Note- these are all quick shots, no professional photographer on site.

I like the fact that when I do these no two are exactly alike as you can see with the sheep below. They both seem to be having a bit of a different thought as they are looking at you. They both are guilty of sneaking out of the fence as the farmer sleeps....

 The same with these two- just a bit of difference. One of these has gone to a new home...

This rabbit has a lot of different adventures. I just started adding him into the night sky as well.
There is something about making the night behind the animals and the house. It makes me think about the things that happen while we are sleeping.

Still playing, I like this house, maybe add some more in the sky area.....
Time to hit the studio.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Tiles and such

 Back it up!
We are working on a glaze that we used a million years ago, well, maybe more.
The black glaze was developed by our son when he was looking for a good science project. What better than to have your parents toss you some glaze materials, a recipe and then show you about doing a line blend.
He measured and tested glazes, did his own firings and this was the result.
He won a trip to DC, we won a glaze.
We set this glaze aside as we were working more in the big gas kiln and I was having a hard time keeping up production on both kilns and our many other glazes. We were also raising kids, running and doing as you do with a family, here, there and everywhere; baseball, girl scouts, boy scouts, band, colorguard, theater,wrestling, life, just life.
Recently we decided to bring back this glaze and add it to the tile firings. A few months of testing, a few firings and we are happy with the results. We did make a slight adjustment to the firing and hold temperature, it all looks good.

I think I will glaze more mugs and make another firing very soon.

 Tiles. I am playing with house tiles.
They are fun, a bit slow, require thought, but I love a red door.
Whoops, I must have knock over that test tile.
Look Ma! No Hands!