Tuesday, February 25, 2020

There goes Febuaury

 Here we go just flying into March, I can not tell you where the days go. We use to make pottery and raise kids, a few animals, garden, and all. Now I think about living in an apartment and walking everywhere.
I think about it and I wonder if I would quickly become bored.
We voted yesterday, I have always voted, I was brought up knowing that it is important to vote.
Do your research, read, study and go vote.

I just took out a batch of salt jars, pigs, containers, does a jar need a lid? out of the last kiln firing, I love using mine and noticed last Christmas that all of them were gone. I made some for the gas kiln as well. I'll post when we have those out.
I am working on a tile sign for a customer. I am so slow that they check with me now and again to see if I am still breathing.
Next up for the time is the glazing.

I have been thinking about making some Biscotti and thought I need to look at the recipe shared with me by a fellow potter. We love this one but it does have butter. I think I am going to look for one with oil, more traditional. I would love to get them nice and crispy. Any one have one they love?

Base recipe:
1 Cup Sugar
1 stick butter
2 eggs or 4 egg yolks  ( I use 2 eggs)
1/4 cup milk or liquer
3 cups flour sifted
2 TBSP. baking powder

Preheat oven to 375
cream sugar and butter add eggs one at a time.
add milk
add dry ingredients.
Shape into a wide log on baking sheet that has been lightly greased and floured. ( or use parchment paper)
Bake- 20 minutes or until golden brown
turn oven down to 300
Remove, cool slightly and cut into slices.
Return to oven for 10-20 minutes
depending how crunchy you like them.

Our favorite variation:
decrease sugar by 1/4 cup and add 1/2 cup maple syrup
1tsp. vanilla
1/4 cup orange liqueur
 1/2 cup toasted pecans
cranraisins if you like. 

Keep dry, I would love more sunshine if you can spare a little

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Friday, February 7, 2020

Oh, the weather outside is

just a mess!
I hope everyone is safe from the storms that blew in here yesterday.
I was teaching when we went on lock down mode, safety in place, which for us is the bathrooms.
Once we were called out it was only minutes before they wanted us all out and heading home.
You know it's bad when your maintenance man rolls in and asks if you have your key and can lock up.
I say yes, of course, go, be safe.
I had all the students out in just under 15 minutes heading in all different directions.
By the time I locked up a howling wind with a big mass of rain came in and my coat was in the car. I grabbed a trash bag knowing I would still be wet. I crawled home around some downed tress, with loads of debris covering the roadways. I just held my own, but as I drove closer to home the winds and rain were less threating.
Although, they were right behind me. We lost power for awhile but we have several of our oil lamps  in the house ready for power loss. With those going we dug out a board game to keep us busy until the power came back. As soon as it did we fixed some food, just in case it went out again.
It's always an adventure living where we do.
Last month we worked on making pots and I have been working on a tile order.
Open hours are still mostly by appointment.
If you call, leave us a message.
Or, email.
Stay safe.
Be kind.
Come out in the spring for the open house in the area.
Hopefully the weather will be wonderful.