Monday, September 22, 2008

90 Days

When the BOD of the North Carolina Pottery Center met in June we had 90 days operating capital left. We had gone out on a limb to put the center in a position to become part of the state system. Last year turned out to be a hard year to do that.
Needless to say, it did not happen and we were in a dire position. A proposal was put on the table to keep the grounds and buildings safe and insured, in case we had to shut down while we raised money. We opted to lease the property to the local community college for 1dollar for a year.
BUT- we gave the BOD the option to raise money. And, if we did we would take the option off the table. The option was taken off the table by the BOD after 60 days.

Today, our 90 day mark, we have raised just short of our 1/2 goal. $44,819.89
We have a major auction planned for next week end.
We are well on our way to our goal.
We started a new blog about the NCPC and have posted information on raffles and efforts being made by others to raise money.
I know that things are hard for all of us- but take the time to look at the blog site
and know that even a 25.00 donations will help.


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