Monday, September 15, 2008

BEER-BEER-BEER ................BEER!

Now that I have your attention- I have to tell you we have lived here for well over 32 years. In those 32 years we have driven many miles to obtain a beer, wine or even the hard stuff.
In the past few months alcohol sales have been voted in around us like weeds in the garden.
This Floyd's General Store in Ether NC- just 5 minutes from the house and the 1/2 way mark between us and Star Works.
5 minutes from the house- not 35-not 45- not an hour-----FIVE minutes.
Now you can't get wine or hard stuff, which is okay since I don't drink much anyway. In fact one beer is good for me these days.
But- I just stopped in on my way home and picked up decent beers- in fact good beers- this is not just Bud Light. Not that there is anything wrong with Bud.
Not only did this happen close to us, but they passed the vote in Asheboro. You heard me Asheboro.
In fact Mark and I went out to one of the only chef run restaurants in Asheboro and had a glass of wine with a really good dinner.
And we did not have to drive an hour to get there.
Lordy- things have changed.
A stop light in Seagrove and beer down the road- what's next????


Leslie said...

Welcome to the 20th century! (Most of the rest of us have moved on to the 21st, but I know that'll take you guys a little more time to catch up.) ;^)

Annapants! said...

MMMmmm BEER! Congrats!