Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sitting vs. Standing

Mark and I work in an area where potters stand to throw. As soon as we left school- where you were taught to sit- we went upright.
My question is do you sit or stand and what makes one better than the other?
I am going to have Mark map out the plans for building a mud box for anyone who might be interested.
Details to come.

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Annapants! said...

While sitting gives you the opportunity to work on taller things and be able to see what you're doing with you hands... Your elbows do only go up so far and I felt like once I got up to a 10 inch pot that my arms were in the way!

I prefer to stand up because I can brace my arms better (for me) and I don't get sore from hunching over.
There's also something about being able to see the bottom of your pot at eye level...

Of course, I'm just a novice so don't listen to me.