Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tarp City

Here at Tarp city central- we are in to Blues and Browns.
Yesterday Mark spent the better part of two hours keeping the rain - which was coming down in buckets, sheets, dogs and cats-- all of the above- to beat the band- you get the picture. Out of the lower part of the building. Even though he had put down a 2x4 it was coming over the 2x4-
Things were better today in Tarp City and the footings are dug and we are ready to pour.
Tomorrow we hope!
I am finding life at Starworks interesting. I am having lunch with the crew. Anne ( pronounced Ana)- Adam, Takuro and Santiago. It is fun to get to know this new crew of folks with different backgrounds.
I am the only one working in the big room. It is quiet- I would love to have a mate beside me and hope someone comes soon. It might slow down the voices in my head.....
Radio reception is sketchy- and I have run through the Cd's time for something new.
Although some of them are old friends I have not heard for awhile.
And although I miss public radio- it is nice to have a break from the election.

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Annapants! said...

you should steal dad's mp3 player!