Friday, September 5, 2008

A trick-thanks Pete Pinnel

The last time I made Teapots- I had put on spouts and covered them with individual bags. Over that I placed a large sheet of plastic and a towel. This would hold them for handles.

Well- that was July 8th- the night of the Fire.

When we were going through what made it and what was complete loss- I found three teapots shrink wrapped in the plastic.

Well- this week I thought- let's try the teapots again.

I made the bodies and the next day I planned to trim-throw spouts and put everything together.

SO- I get up and find out the "thing" with the County commissioners has happened- cut off funding- a potter calls and says channel 8 is on there way to talk to someone about what happened. I call the center and arrange to have Caron Myers meet me there.

We do a little interview- I make it back here about 3 pm and throw spouts.

Mark comes home from Star -we sit down watch the news- ugh- me on tv.
Not a sight I am ready for.

Fix dinner- eat go back to spouts.

Another Potter calls and he is dropping in for the evening- the spouts- the teapots-

A light bulb goes off I grab a plastic container out of the kitchen-with lid. And I place my spouts in the container.

This was a trick I heard at the NC Potters Conference in Asheboro.

Pete said sometimes he puts all the parts in a plastic container and they all hold.

It worked! The next morning I was able to put on spouts and trim.

Love those tips that come back to you!

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