Monday, October 13, 2008

Roast Chicken with Pomegranate Glaze and fresh mint

I have posted this recipe on my cooking page

When we had dinner with friends Dan and Jim from Dirtworks Pottery ( remember the pineapple upside down cake?).I mentioned my mother use to buy me and my other 4 siblings a pomegranate every year. With 5 kids in just under 6 years I am sure this gave her a bit of quiet while we figured out how to break into these things and get out the seeds.

I can remember spending the time to break it apart and eat all the sour tasting seeds out of it.

My friend Dan told me he had a tree growing at his mothers house and had grown up eating them. I didn't know you could grow them in NC.

So last week he shows up to see the building and brings me about a dozen.

I had to make the chicken since I had always used just the bottled juice.

We invited our fellow potters and friends from Bulldog and Avery Pottery over to share the food-

We made roasted chicken, roasted vegetables and homemade bread.

Oh- and ice cream with blueberry sauce- I'll have to post up the blueberry sauce as well.

Yum- winter foods.

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