Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We interupt our lives to bring to you.......

Our daughter, Anna, who lives in the Norfolk Va. area works for Young Audiences.

Young Audiences of Virginia, is a statewide nonprofit organization founded in 1955. From its humble beginnings in Norfolk with a single string ensemble and a handful of volunteers, Young Audiences of Virginia has grown to over 130 professional artists serving the entire state. As the largest arts-in-education organization in Virginia, we supply educators with a powerful teaching tool at every level.
Anna was interview about her job in the latest edition of Tidewater Women the October issue.
You can find her on page 6.

From Anna's web site:
"The article certainly makes my job sound easy and charming. I wish it were as easy as it sounds! I work with close to 400 schools, 180 artists and tons of contacts across the state. Not to mention my complicated yet fabulous co-workers"!

Congratulations Anna- we know how hard you work!
The Parents

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