Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yes- we are this gray.......

We are just back from an outdoor show in our hometown of Norfolk Va.
We were rained on Friday driving up. Rained on setting up- and woke up to overcast Sky and the hope of no rain- we'll you guessed it.
By 3 pm - it was raining and the crowds went home.
We took the whole booth down to the ground because of threat of wind.
And we woke Sunday to 30 mile an hour winds.
We secured the tent and took apart a good part of our booth to keep the pots from blowing away.
We also took turns holding down the sides of the tent- we had the best spot in the show for the wind.
We did remove the front and back sides to let the wind just go through.
Despite all the weather we enjoyed visiting with old friends and customers and our families which live there.
Our mothers both arrived at the same time and it was a race to see if my Mother could beat his Mother.
Mine in her scooter- pretty hot mom!
And Louise with her walker- it was a foot race to beat the band!
Thankfully- daughter Anna- shown with us above- and her boyfriend, Tiste, along with my nephew Robert showed up to help us break down.
Then off for beers and dinner.
Thanks guys!
Oh- and we brought home some money, that always helps----


Annapants! said...

Always a pleasure to see you guys! Can't wait to see you in November.

mahanpots said...

Great picture of you guys. I imagine it will take much more than a little rain and wind to dampen your spirits with all that's happened in the past few months.
What really matters?
The picture shows it.


cookingwithgas said...

Thanks- it's all in the game...
I thought after the fire I would get a card for smooth sailing for the rest of the year...life just does not work that way.
So another bump in the road- but a little bump!