Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Potters, two kilns, too wet and too little time-Wednesday melt down.

Yesterday the painter came to spray primer in the rebuilt studio. This meant covering anything that did not need paint with plastic, and moving Mark in with me.

I was in the groove and enjoying the space and working along. Bam! We're back to sharing space. We share anyway, but this space gets crowed fast when two potters are throwing.

So- I had a melt down yesterday- totally ugly meltdown.

I think on the most part I- we both- have done well. Our studio was destroyed and our lives interrupted. But- we picked right up and went on. It's what you do- because we did not have the option of pulling the covers over our heads and saying let's just do nothing.

We have both been tripping along thinking we are fine.

Yesterday showed we are not fine all the time.

Heated words were exchanged- and some mud slinging was going on.

He's a good catch!

I put myself in "time out" ---I was dangerous- too many options to throw other things and we could not afford for me to be around.

So I put my dangerous self in the car and took a ride.

The thoughts were pinging through my head, but as I stopped fighting with the inner me and looked at the fall leaves things took a different outlook and we needed onions.

I had a mission as well.

I would ride the back roads to Wally World and buy onions. I could do that - I had a purpose and some control over my life.

Besides- at Wally World they don't care if you are emotionally a mess.

They just don't care- for the first time I thought Wally World has a purpose.

I did my shopping went home and we both laid ourselves out and worked out space.

Back to making pots- too little time - too little space- a show coming up- when will we run a bisque?

But, it will be fine.

Better get cracking.


mahanpots said...

I've heard if you peel onions near a running faucet, you're less likely to shed tears when peeling off the layers of protective skin.

Annapants! said...

Soon grasshopper. Soon!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks Mike- we need tips on protecting the layers as we more along.
Today was better- and thanks Anna for the call and offer to help paint! That would be great!

Leslie said...

Say, maybe you want to put Mark under running water before you start peeling away layers of his protective skin! Might keep those tears away. Sorry you had a bad day. Hope you only threw clay.

cookingwithgas said...

there was some wet clay exchange- but no one was hurt!

Leslie said... least Mark didn't have to instruct you to, "Drop the clay and back away slowly."

Cynthia said...

I can only imagine the disruption the fire has caused. Enjoying the onion analogies above... :)

It's not often my hubby and I get into fights, but it happens occasionally.

I hope things are better now - and painting has to be a sign that the time to move back in is drawing near.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Cynthia- We are planning to take Dec. to finish everything and get back in. Mark and I have worked togeher for 26 years and usually do well to leave work at work- but the fire has put an edge on everything. We spend too much time "looking" for things and feel unprepared for our show.... but we will get through and thanks, things are better- we've been married forever, this is just a blip!