Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who will make it and who will not??

Today is kiln unloading day. It is cold and hopefully still warm inside the kiln. We fight over who gets to stand inside the kiln as we unload. This is the warm spot in the winter- but the hot spot in the summer.
When Mark built this kiln he built it so I can stand up inside of it. That was great for the many years I loaded the kiln myself. ( why does my back hurt?)
Now we load together and He is taller then me, so is just about everyone I know, with the exception of my younger sister and Eve Fenburg- who makes me feel tall!
Whoops- the kiln gets three stacks of pots here are middle and front.
I'll see if we get a few winners in this mix.

And if we do they will be packed off for the Celebration.
Better get some warm clothes and get out there.
Oh- David Stuempfle gets my award for the best post card I have received this year. You can see it at his website.

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Linda Starr said...

What a great shot of David's pots, I'd love to see them in person, they defy gravity.