Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas count down continues and "am I blue"

This is for you Charlie Brown-
I don't put up a tree any more. At least not a big one. I use to love having the tree and just sitting in the night and watching the lights. Taking in all the decorations and thinking of Christmas past and things to come.
I am not sure at what point I quit putting up a tree, but once there are no kids at home it does not seem to be the same.
I also decided to make my life more simple by not decorating the house.
But - last year I spotted this little guy -with 3 decorations- at the store. He called me and I took him home. He has grown since last year so he now has more decorations on him.
The Santa was from my youth- he says Merry Xmas-
I added a train made for my son and a gingerbread man made by my daughter, a little clay pot and some beads. It might need more beads. Oh and he is in a little David Stuempfle pot and I added a bow- I know it's not a great bow- but it is all me. Plus I figure if Mark puts anything under this tree it would have to be small and very expensive!
He wants a tree big enough to hold a motorcycle- good luck buddy!
The count down continues.....

I know I promised you a peek at the blue paint-
After having the fire we need color in our lives. we are painting everything.Yep- if you stand still long enough I will pull out a brush and paint you!
I am one of those people who makes others cringe when I paint. I get it every where. Clothes, hair, elbow- hands. I should have taken a picture of my hands today because I looked like papa smurf. I was blue today.

All I can think of is "am I blue...." I know there's a song in there somewhere- hum a bit with me.......


Shortstuff said...

A Fort Lauderdale retirement community called. They need their blue paint back. ;^) Very cheery.

cookingwithgas said...

You are so right- if they call agin ask them if they would like a couple of agging hippies to teach art classes.
Pot 101-----

Deborah Woods said...

I also do not usually put up a tree anymore. I don't usually celebrate most holidays in any way. I have been thinking about that this past week or so, and that maybe I need to participate a little. I have this feeling of all my days in the year beginning to run together and since I can't even afford to snowboard anymore really, even winter has just become this suffering of beautiful snowy days to go through. I was thinking if I got a little celebratory and at least hung up some lights and maybe put up a tree, carved a pumpkin at Halloween, you know, all that stuff, it might make some times in the year feel a little more special. I should get a tree if I do that's really low to the ground, like touching, so it won't look so sad with no presents under it this year.

cookingwithgas said...

DW- do it- with or without presents it is nice to have some twinkling lights and some bobbles in your life. Put something on the tree which makes you smile. It does not have to be a big tree-
We also lose holidays- too busy making pots to participate- I have thought these very same thoughts.
This little tree makes me smile.

And there will be no presents under it for us- not this year- kids yes- but we are putting all our money to finish the building.
I figure we have each other- some days that is enough.

mahanpots said...

Several years ago, I started buying live trees for Christmas and planted them afterward. I write them off as a business expense, then.

Two years ago, I bought a magnolia, and when we decorated it, it was beautiful. I planted it out in my woods at the edge of a trail, but for some reason the deer thought I put it there for them to scratch their antlers. I'm hoping it survives.

By the way, if you place your tree on a ladder, you might be able to fit a motorcycle underneath it. I think it's possible. I've got a large step ladder (ten feet tall) you could borrow.


mahanpots said...

By the way, how do I get my avatar to show up in comments?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

cats made trees impossible, so we put up a couple of lights and decorations---easy up, easy down

Annapants! said...

Ya, you're totally not allowed to move to Florida! We've got some nice facilities in Virginia Beach tho' and you know someone somewhere would pay you to teach classes here. ;p

In the meantime, I'll take you just as you are - blue hands and all!

The tree is very sweet! I need one about that size.

Cynthia said...

We went without a tree one year when we were in the middle of moving from Denver to Maine and the next year we ended up putting a tree up before Thanksgiving and left it up till all the needles were falling off sometime in January.

But, we still have a child at home...

Now, we don't put a big tree up since we live in a dinky house, but we still put something up. I enjoy the lights and the smell of a fresh tree.

I like the blue - sort of a teal blue?

Linda Starr said...

The blue and gold look so nice together.

For years I purchased live trees and planted them after xmas. One year I got a tree so big we had to put it on the deck and look at it from inside the house. For several years now I haven't decorated at all, celebrating on occasions other than holidays. Since our house is for sale I feel obliged to decorate a little. I felt guilty about all the trees being cut down just for a couple of weeks enjoyment (although it does support our country's xmas tree growers) so I got an artificial tree. I do like the smell of pine and cedar and especially miss living in the mountains this time of year.

Michael, for your photo try gravatar - globally recognized avatars - be sure your photo is loaded on there.

cookingwithgas said...

Annapants you will have to watch me if I dye my air blue- could be a sign Florida is in my future.
MM- there you go encouraging Mark again- no ladders are coming in this house!
Check your profile and see what have loaded and share when you post- otherwise I don't have a clue.
Cynthia- girl after my own heart: when we put up a tree it went out in the woods in Feb. -then into the pond in March for the fish to nest in.
And Linda I love a live tree which is what this little guy is. I figure we have several years together.
And all- that would be put baubles on your tree, as Mark has corrected me-not bobbles as in bobble dolls- although they would be fun.
I love being the source of amusement with my spelling—
Anyone have a favorite Christmas tree story to post?
I feel some coming on....

Shortstuff said...

Oh, you always make me laugh, sweet woman. Pot 101 and blue hair indeed. I'm sure you know that's a Norfolk Island Pine. That must be why it called your name. The old home place pulling the heartstrings. If you'll recall mom got one of those for dad to decorate his office when he moved into the editorial staff. I love the smell of fresh trees. We have to get a small one, too, though. Cute tree. I like it. Les