Monday, December 1, 2008

The Community of Seagrove- Avery Pottery

I think a lot about community.

I moved to Seagrove in 1976- there were no outsiders living here at that time. The potters here were all from lines who had migrated here from somewhere else over or about 300 years ago now.

We were in the group of potters from the local community college who were learning to make pots and opening shops. Our fellow students from then would become our fellow potters in the early 80's and beyond. Some of those folks were Milly McCanless of Dover Pottery, David Garner of Turn and Burn, Fred Bean of Old House Pottery, Mack Chrisco of Chrisco Pottery- just to name a few.

When we opened in 1982 there were 12 shops in the greater Seagrove area- in about a year and a half there were 24- in another year or so there were 50- it just kept growing.

Some days as I look back on the changes of the area I also look at how the changes effected the area. For the most part I think the changes raised the bar on how pottery is made and viewed in Seagrove today. As the competition grew so did the quality of the work. In many ways competition is good for artist it makes them work harder.

With that said----

Today I am featuring our friends at Avery Pottery and Tileworks.

They moved here and are "embedded" in Seagrove. They have a son, they bought property and built a shop. They are part of the ever growing community in Seagrove.

Blaine is a thrower, while Laura is a Tile and Jewelry maker.

They are some of the folks who have brought their work to Seagrove and enhanced the area.

I hope you will enjoy taking a look and visit over to their website and blog.


Annapants! said...

There new shop is awesome! Was great seeing Laura and the new space!

Linda Starr said...

Wow, as you say, there are so many talented folks in your area and so wonderful for you to recognize and let us know about them on your blog.

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks Linda- it is nice to show them off- this will be the gengeration to take Seagrove to its next level- it should be a great ride!

It was good to have you here Annapants!

blaine and laura said...

thanks for including us, meredith! we really do love it here...feels like home.

it was great to see you and anna on saturday...

kriips said...

Meredith! You are doing such an awesome job writing about the local life and potters in the area. Thank you for the conversations we've had in the past few months about pottery and life as well! I can't tell you enough how comforting it has been to find real down to earth people like you and Mark - and many of the potters you've featured in your blog. I am thankful to have found you all and to be here witnessing and participating in the many changes taking place in America today!

Michael Kline said...

After moving to the Penland area in 1998 I was struck one day by the camaraderie and at the same time the competition ! I think it's an interesting and beneficial combination in for an artist.

cookingwithgas said...

I am with you Michael and I have enjoyed seeing the blogs and website of the younger potters in your part of NC- good work being done there!
Thanks Kriips! We miss seeing you all at Star- it was good to be there- but better to be here.
And Laura- home is what and where you make it.