Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year- bring it on-2009

It has been a year-
a year of change and tolerance.
a year of goodbyes and new beginnings.
2008 started quietly- picked up steam for us in early spring.
Came to a gigantic head in July.
Continued to taunt us through the fall.
We end with our mothers still with us, a rebuilt studio just within reach.
a loss of a good friend Christmas eve.
and the desire to move on.
We have family, friends and good health.
Mothers- good-check.
Friends- good-check.
One loss- we will miss you Joe.... you were a bright spot in our days with your visits.
Studio- just about done-check.
New blog- new friends- check.
New Begennings-double check!
New year- Happy New Year! check!

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