Monday, December 15, 2008


I am home in Norfolk Va. spending some time with my mother who has been placed in the hospital. My mother is in great spirits and is her usual optimistic self. She was Math teacher and knows just about anybody and everybody.
The hospital staff has been great. The hospital is roomy and everyone we have talked to is warm and kind. They seem to like their jobs and like their patients as well. They are having their holiday potluck tonight and we were ready to join them.
Back to Mother- she is southern, strong and willful-
I once told my daughter we come from a long line of strong, independent, pig headed women.
I stand by that.
Best wishes Mom- there are still more stories in the book to be told.
as she like to say when I would ask her what she was doing- she would say, "we are just sitting around, scratching and telling lies."
This "Old fashion" is for you.
That would be burbon and fresh OJ- with a hint of bitters.


Judy Shreve said...

Hope your mom is doing well. I am also a southern woman raised by one of those willful women.

Treasure those stories!

Linda Starr said...

Hope your mom is doing ok - I can just picture your mom doing a little scratching and telling stories right now. Everybody says I take after my grandmother, southern and stubborn too. I wonder if you have to be stubborn to work with clay? My best to your mom.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh your poor mom!

cookingwithgas said...

I have always thought you must be more stubborn then the clay!
Mom is good today we spent the afternoon-scratching and telling lies.
they took her at 9 pm for a chest x-ray and she told them if you are going to take me out after nine-pm there should be a bar involved!
We should know more in a day or two- but she is way better then she was on Friday- modern medicine.
Thanks all for the warm wishes.