Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another one bites the dust-

We enjoyed some company Sunday night through Monday morning.
My daughter's friends stopped in for a nice visit. We enjoyed having them and I took Monday morning to run them around to some of the potteries.
We had a nice stop in with Michael and Mary at From the ground up. Michael took the time to give our company a tour of his work area and show them how he makes the large patters. He also showed us his wonderful stamps he uses for the trees.
We then went to O'Quinn a quick in and out there.
I then pulled into Bobbie Thompson's Pottery knocked on the door of her work area and found her and two of the other potter's taking a Monday off to play with unrelated clay art, they were making paper- fun to play in January. Sucess a pot was bought and happliy taken home.
Smith Pottery- nice new gallery and pots- but again just looking.
Then over to Ray Pottery for a quick in and out there-
Then back here in time to pack them off for their trip home.
They wanted to stop in Asheboro for lunch and so we called the two places I recomended and they were both closed. There were other potteries I had wanted to take them as well- but they were closed as well. I laughed and told them that NC is closed on Mondays. I hope they found some food for the trip home!
Thanks for stopping in and we will enjoy the beer steins you brought to us!

So I am working on a piece which will need casting. I am playing with the size and thickness now- I left wet clay last night and hope today it has set up enough to carve.

This will become a gift for the guest at our son's upcoming wedding in May.
Since I thought I would have this done in January and be in the making stage- I had better get cracking on this!
But first- a trip to see the dentist....


Annapants! said...

The dentist? Un-oh!
Glad you have fun hanging out with the Amanda and Jesse; they're good people who adore you two. I heard you were tellin' stories about me and Joel too FYI... ;p

cookingwithgas said...

that is what parents do- better to talk about the kids then bore them talking about us!

Shortstuff said...

Say, wait a second. You wouldn't let me tell Anna and Joel tales out of school about you and Mark! Lol

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

We love North Carolina pottery and are featuring pottery on our daily photo blog tomorrow (Wed.). We hope you have time to drop by and have a look.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Jariris said...

Jesse and I appreciate the hospitality and the tour. It was so interesting to get the "inside view" on the area and the work. We definitely wouldn't have gotten that on our own!

Thanks again to you both. We hope to see you soon.

cookingwithgas said...

Hello Greensboro daily I did drop in but saw no way to post on the blog- thanks for the post the about Seagrove area.
but you should add the North Carolina Pottery Center- where most if not all of the books you posted can be bought- in as a source for folks to visit and discoverseagrove.com as a place to get on line information about pottery and potters.

Jarris- come anytime! next visit we will have to go to the zoo.
Anna- dentist was just a cleaning-
Okay shorstuff- if you tell I'll be telling some tales as well!
We both know where the bodies are buried!