Wednesday, January 21, 2009

getting back to business

As the government finds its way with getting back to work today, we are trying to do the same.

We are both trying to find the rhythm in what we are doing.

We set aside making pots to finish building and set up the new studio. We are bumping around in the rebuilt studio and already feeling at home and yet not quite at home.

I was stamping and carving some pots yesterday and misplacing tools- now that is familiar- and trying to regain some of the thoughts on how and what tools I use to do this- and oh yea- where is that stamp.

I think we both like the new space. We have made more room and it it not cluttered, yet.

We still need to set up the backroom for handbuilding. Put up shelves and all- but we will get to that soon.

We still have to set up the bisque/glaze room, but decided to throw a kiln load of pots first. And- set it up as we bisque pots.

Like I have said," the devil is in the details." But- making pots here, just yards away from the house, back on the farm- feels pretty darn good.


Jariris said...

It's so good to hear that you two are back to work in your own space. That must feel so great after such a long journey!


cookingwithgas said...

I hope you will see it soon!

cynthia said...

The space looks great and has a productive vibe to it! Congratulations on getting back to down to business.

I had a bit of a similar feeling yesterday when I did a bit of work in the studio...I only had about 2 hours (not enough time to really get into a big project), and as I sat down, looked around, scratched my head thinking where do I start? I decided to make some small jewelry components and cleaned up my kid's projects as a starting point. After I drop of my kid at the school bus stop today, I plan on spending a concentrated amount of time in the studio.

Jay said...

I trust that you will continue to do a better job of tending to your business than the government does of tending to its business . . .

Wishing you many happy turns of the wheel.

Annapants! said...

Funny that the rebuild should coincide with Obama taking office after 8 years of struggle. I could wax poetic about that for more than a quick minute.

cookingwithgas said...

yes- as I have stated to all above it feels good and right-
and we are all awaiting the next year.

Linda Starr said...

So happy to see you are enjoying your new studio.