Sunday, January 25, 2009


Words from the funny pages of past- to be continued.


Brenda said...

Have you seen the Calvin & Hobbes Snowman series? It is too funny!

Thanks for your caring and sharing about Tom with your friends in your area. While I hate not being just down the street for him, I am thankful that he has friends like you to take care of him and Slate. I'm just thankful that it was not a heart attack this time.

Thanks for being there! Tom's sister, Brenda

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Brenda- Yes I am a big fan of Calvin and hobbes. I am looking for some of his old comics on art- I did find the snowman ones and those are great as well.
I have not talked to Tom, but I thought I would call tomorrow and see how he is doing.
I know you must have been worried.
It has to be hard to know and feel so far away.
He's a good guy.