Friday, March 6, 2009

Bees and such

I was asked to make a tile of house numbers for a friend a few years ago.
This week I thought I need to make those tiles and I had inspiration from Julia over at Henhouse pottery. After all she has some great pictures of her bees on her website. I was so thankful to see her gorgeous bees. It helped to put them in perspective for me.
They are not just round circles with eyes- and big goofy grins. Her bees are so wonderful and they were my study for the tiles.
Now it is not as if these are lifelike- but they are made me see them better as far as shape and where the legs and feelers go.
So thanks Julia!

The tile has bees on it because when our friends moved into their house there were bees everywhere. Their son looked at all the bees and said, "I guess this is the house of bees."

I am making cruets as well and I get a kick out of the "skirt" on the ladies as I am carving the clay.
Back to work!

And if you get a chance I am talking about bread on the cooking blog- enjoy the weather!



Meredith - these bee house tiles are amazing! I am glad that my little models were able to help you out! Just wondering, randomly, if you are going to be putting more on your etsy shop in the next little while from your last kiln firing or if all the great stuff you fired has already been claimed!? I feel the need to collect some wonderful pottery... Julia

Jeannette St.G. said...

the pot with the skirt looks interesting :)-like to see when it's fired.
a few blogs ago I asked for a soft clay (because my carpel tunnel) - no, the workshop does not provide that info. we are supposed to bring our own stuff -so,
if you would be so kind to give me some names/brands of clay ?
(I don't know much about clay, since I am a painter, only know 2 types of clay, the one sold in blocks that schools order, and the red clay)
- it's a sculpture workshop, not pots - thanks and have a good weekend.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Julia- I am happy you like the bee tiles- I don't know when we will post more pictures on esty soon I hope.
Jeanette- ask the school about the clay bodies they would reconmend for you to use. And they may be able to order something else for you. It is hard for me to recomend a clay for you since I don't know what is in your area.
I use red rock and loafers glory from highwater clays in asheville north carolina.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

llokit at that skirt!!!!

Linda Starr said...

The House of Bees, how cute and what a nice tile. Interesting how you carve the cruet. What kind of a tool do you use to carve with? I've never tried carving, I must try it some time.

Anonymous said...

love the skirt on the teapot... are you gonna leave it, i know it would be fragile but it looks cool. just went to the cooking site, the granola recipe sounds delish

cookingwithgas said...

Hi all- the skirt comes off- it is just there while I am carving and I think too fragile to stay.
I am out of town- but back soon!