Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catawba Valley Festival

We are packing up the display- packing up the pots and heading to Hickory for the Catawba Pottery Festival.
I have a kiln with odds and ends firing- I am glaze testing for the wedding tile- and it is going to rain.
It should be a great weekend to set aside your garden and come up, down or across to Hickory and find some pots for eating, drinking, and enjoying.
You know you need a vase to put flowers in or a lamp in that spot of the house that needs a bit of light.
A bowl for serving- a bowl for eating- a cup for coffee or tea.
An oil lamp to light for a romantic dinner or to chase away the night when the lights go out.
A cup for wine- a small plate for nibbles.

Somethig to hang, something to stand or something to sit.
There will be potters there who can fill just about any whim or need you have.
We will see you there.


Anonymous said...

nice jug piece... love the deep orange

Linda Starr said...

Beautiful jug, wish I was near, one of these days. Isn't ceramics amazing - your list reminded me of how many useful and necessary things can be made from clay.

Shortstuff said...

EVERYONE needs an oil lamp or five for inside/outside mood, dark prevention or WHATEVER. Yours are wonderful...from an unbiased observer. ;^)


Meredith, I am wishing I lived close enough that I could drive to the festival and see your work in person. It's probably better that I'm not - I'd buy enough there wouldn't be any for anyone else. I wish you the best of luck! Julia

cookingwithgas said...

thanks all- I will try to post some pictures of the event

Michael Mahan said...

Hope everyone has a great show.