Monday, March 23, 2009

What's out your window?

I spend a fair amount of time looking out of the variety of windows here on the farm, either in the house or the studio.
My favorite is the kitchen window facing the pond.
The last few weeks have brought the birds back in full force.
I don't put feeders out, but I do rely on all the natural things which seems to sustain each other.
In other words- the woodpeckers are all coming to have a bite at a tree which is going dead between the kitchen window and the pond. They fly in knock and eat- We have seen at least several varieties.
Yesterday, we had the company of the small Downy Woodpecker who is Black and White with a small pointed black bill..
We also have seen the Hairy woodpecker, the wonderful Pileated woodpecker and the flicker.

The pond has been busing with activity of its own.
The Osprey are back like they have been every year for about 20 years.
They hang out in a pine tree off the driveway and fish the pond. It is great fun to watch them circle and then dive, hit the water and come up with a tasty treat.
We are also enjoying mallards, wood ducks and geese.

This does not even count the amount of golden finches, chickadees, indigo buntings and the red winged blackbirds.
Then to top things off we spotted 3 big does out in the back pasture. They had come out to graze. We were able to watch them for a bit before they headed back in the woods.

Next up will be the snakes who will also be out for a tasty treat - time to start watching where we are walking. We have several who like to hang out around the studio. Mark talks to them about not coming inside or getting in the way. When they don't listen he picks them up and takes them off for a walk. I think they like it because they come back when he is not looking.
I use a rake to move them- not being one of those pepole who likes to pick them up.

How about you snakes, birds, lizzards, what keeps you company?


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

hey, a referee woodpecker! (I fooled my wife by calling those little fem. downy woodpeckers referee woodpeckers)...and today I had a cardinal, blue jay, mourning dove and junco out there together!

Bruce and Samantha said...

a rusty roof of a decrepid chicken house and a brand new white building

tsbroome said...

We have a pair of hawks that are screaming around here all through the day. They have found a tree in our backyard that they like a lot, and then at night we still have that crazy screaming owl, that sounds like he is possessed or something. Also the creek behind our house has spawned a bunch of frogs that are the loudest I have ever heard. I was going to sleep with the windows open last night but it was too loud out there!

Linda Starr said...

Sounds like a screech owl Tracey. We have a great horned owl who makes the hooting sounds. Out my window I can see three blue heron nests in the big tree this year and I can see the babies sitting in the nest with my binoculars. We saw a pair of golden eagle our first year here and Gary regularly sees American eagle down by the river (I have yet to), the other evening a mockingbird was serenading me.

Jerry said...

Downy and Red-bellied woodpeckers, finches galore, juncos, doves, a Cooper's hawk, a plague of squirrels, nuthatches, titmice, and our favorites, Carolina wrens. We just built a house for them, we'll see if any move in. When it's warmer we'll get a number of hummingbirds, too.

Bruce and Samantha said...

Hey Meredith,
When I read your blog this morning the only thing that uploaded on my screen was the question "What is out your window?" Pretty Funny when I start reading the other comments and then reloaded your blog to find out there was more to the question.
Carpenter Bees will start flying all over soon and wasps. Squirrels. Lizards without their tails, Thanks to the cat. Blue Jays, robins, vultures, and other birds I don't know their names.

cookingwithgas said...

Samantha- well they are out your window- not awake and I hit the wrong button and the tile posted before I could write it all.
Of course! I forgot about the hawks-
We have several of those as well. I love to hear them call even though I know it means they are hunting. We have owls as well and hear them calling at night. The frogs are going crazy here as well and I love nothing better than hearing them. It is music to my ears. Soon all the bugs will be awake and we will have a real cornucopia of sound here.
I love it although it tends to share the city folk when they visit.
Oh- and even once in awhile I see a Chipmunk or two- they are fast and chubby!
Thanks all for sharing your out your window life as well and enjoy