Thursday, April 30, 2009

About that warranty

After the fire Mark rebuilt my mud box , but had to put off rebuilding his own. This week seemed like a good time to take the Brent apart and give it a go.
First he has striped off the plastic top which covers the metal top.

Then he cut down the aluminum wheel head collar, which holds the splash pan in place.
Ouch- there goes the warranty!

Then again these wheels are past the warranty time since they are both well over 20 years old- one close to 30- ouch! where did the time go?

Next step will be to fit the wheel head to the floor pan.
So stay tune- I will post more pictures as he goes along.
Meanwhile he is trimming and carving up some nice lamps along with getting the new kiln in place.
It is great to have A.D.D.-that way you are always on to the next task.

Me- I have wedding tiles cooking along in my little test kiln and I am throwing filler pots.

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Anonymous said...

wow! 20 and 30 years... that's some environmental responsibility there... reuse, reuse, reuse