Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting the beds ready or is it spring yet?

My next post should be whoops! I keep hitting the wrong button and off goes the post before I write anything- brain and hands are having a hard time talking to one another.
What I was meaning to say was....... we are putting in some raised beds for vegetables.
I am very excited to have a place to raise some food again. It has been very strange to have no garden the past 3 summers.

What! No tomatoes! that is just a sin!

“Homegrown tomatoes, homegrown
tomatoes, what would life be without
homegrown tomatoes? Only two things that
money can’t buy and that’s true love and
homegrown tomatoes.”...
made famous in a
song by John Denver, lyrics by Guy Clark

Which is some what true- I did buy homegrown tomatoes the past few summers. Yummy Brandy Wines from our friends- but some times a girl needs all the tomatoes she can eat or can and or freeze. I miss having enough to get me through those winter months.
So yesterday we took the wonderful "cow" dirt we have been hording and throwing compost in for two years and put together two raised beds.
We have enough,it looks like, for two more.
I am planning on what I will plant in them.

I could do one whole bed in tomatoes- that would be fine with me.

I have another bed already filled with lettuce, some herbs and some spinach.
But tonight we have covered the lettuce, herbs and spinach- the blueberries are on their own and we are ready to winter over one more night.
Then I would like some days of warm- not hot- warm spring days- with NO WIND please.
So I can plant in those new beds.
Oh- and we are glazing so don't worry we are working too!

This tree was planted the year our son was born- it is a favorite and it just popped out this week!

PS-I have a new Apple PIE recipe on the cooking blog.


Barbara said...

Wonderful pie recipes! I make a lot of pies like the stolen apple pie with my heirloom pippins, but I have never used brown sugar which I will try soon. Also the sour cream pie - Wow!
Have fun in the garden. Nothing better than a warm tomato eaten right from the plant.

Craig Edwards said...

Minnesota envies your spring. Lovely to see green and gardens!!

cynthia said...

I'm so jealous of your raised beds! I would love to have a large enough space to do something like this. As it is, we have a 6' square plot dedicated to a few veggies and herbs, but that's it. Your raised beds are about as big as my whole back yard - lol. But, the one thing I did grow in my plot was 2 types of tomatoes - cherry and big ole salsa producing ones. :)

Anonymous said...

oh i'm so envious and john denver was right... when i first moved to my house i had only full sun everywhere and i planted as many trees as i could, but they were all tiny. i raised heirloom tomatoes for about 5 years and they were glorious. slowly the trees matured and the shade made the tomatoes not grow. it was a good trade but i miss those homegrown tomatoes.

Shortstuff said...

That is a good pie recipe and you can call it whatever suits your fancy! I won $50 for the youth mission trip fund at the church pie auction with that recipe. It's a keeper.

cookingwithgas said...

We are having a really nice spring here- the flowering trees are so pretty- lots of color today!
Yep- I can't wait for the first tomatoe! I am a eat them right out of the garden girl- or sliced thick with mayo and homemade bread!
Jim- I might have to cut a tree down ---
Cynthia- grow anywhere you can!

T.Gray said...

m and m, where'd you get the stuff to build those containers? Is it a kit or something?

Linda Starr said...

I just loved raised bins. that is oene beautiful tree. I'm waiting to plant my tomatoes till it gets a little warmer, last year we got a late frost.

jeannette stgermain said...

wish i had the green thumb and the space in my city yard to do this. But then, it's also a lot of work...so I commend you for doing this!
It's a lovely tree! And I'm going over to see your apple pie recipe:) Have a happy Easter!