Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Kiln Opening at Whynot Pottery and beyond....

On Saturday April the 18Th and Sunday the 19Th. We are joining about 40 other potters from the greater Seagrove area to have a kiln opening. Joining us here at Whynot Pottery on Saturday from 10 until 2 pm will be Bill and Dianna Osmolski from Green acres ranch.

The Osmolski’s
will be bringing their grass fed beef and pork, along with eggs from their free range chickens. We have been buying beef and pork from them the past year and a half. We have enjoyed all their products from the beef to the pork and the eggs.

Come and see what is new out of the kiln and bring your cooler along and plan to take home some locally raised meat, eggs and a pot or two.

On Saturday afternoon the NCPC will have its annual auction. This year for the first time ever the NCPC Auction Committee used the theme of having pots donated with faces on them. “Faces for the NCPC.” The NCPC takes absentee bids- so if you can not be there in person you can still buy a piece of your choosing.

Many of the local potters will be opening kilns and serving refreshments.

Start your day out at the Pottery shops, being sure to stop and see us.
Then end your day Saturday attending the NCPC auction.
For more information on open shops and their events visit the Celebration web site.
For more information on the North Carolina Pottery Center Auction visit their web site

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Linda Starr said...

I'll be there in spirit, Meredith.

Those cows are so cute. I just don't think I could raise them and then have them slaughtered, but I guess if I had to I would. My grandmother raised all kinds of animals and I remember she killed them and then we ate them, it was all part of a balanced farm life ... a life balanced with the land.

We have been to events locally where there has been food raised free range and grass fed and there is a very BIG difference in flavor, tenderness and I am sure nutrients ... and karma too.