Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pots and Pig

I know it is time to get back to work and I have started throwing this morning.
Yesterday after traveling home and unpacking, washing clothes and playing catch up we were worthless! We watched some Dr. Who instead.
We are big Dr. Who fans in this family.
We use to watch back in the 80's with the kids when it ran on PBS on Saturday afternoons.
Now Joel and Katie are big fans and have us watching the new series which is great!
Katie had a groom's cake made for the friday night rehearsal and if you know Dr. Who you know he travels in a phone box called the Tardis- you will have to look this up. The cake was a 3-D of the Tardis. Joel was so surprised and we all loved it.

On Friday we set up a tent in the side yard of the B&B for the rehearsal dinner. We brought our own tables and our
ez-up 10x 10 the food. ( like setting up for a show but no pots)
We worried about rain, but after a bit of a warm and muggy day the clouds gave way to sunshine.
The evening turned out great with rope lights and tea candles.
The pig picking was tasty and a treat for Katie's family. Most of which had never seen a whole pig done up on a grill.
It was a great evening for the families and the wedding party.
I would not be a potter without putting some of our pots on the tables.
We used a variety of vases with flowers from our friends at Dirtworks pottery.
Our daughter showed unknown talents by arranging the flowers for me.
With some seashells we have gathered from trips to the beach we made nice center pieces for the tables.
Pots and pig how could you go wrong?


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That's EXACTLY what Tiste and I did!! We started with Season 1 since I hadn't watch it before... =)