Monday, May 25, 2009

It's the simple things

This morning as I was walking up the driveway to open up the shop I spotted these great yellow flowers.
As I went over to look at them I realized they were just dandelions.

Yet- there were two very different types of the dandelions. One was of the variety I remember as a kid.

The other was a richer yellow with more pedals then the first. I had to pick them both. As I walked along looking and taking in how different they are I spotted the clover which is blooming a nice purple.I added it to my mix.

Close to the pond I spotted the small daisy and I had to add them to my growing weeds.Then the mind starts thinking about what makes a flower and what makes a weed.

I remember picking dandelions for my mother with the steams so short I could barely hand them to her.
Weeds she finally told me- these are just weeds.
At 4 or 5 you don't know what a weed is- is that good or bad.
Later I would figure out weeds were to be thrown out.
But today I thought- what a spot of inspiration these flowers are - yellow, purple ,white.

So instead of thinking weeds- I thought about how nice they would look in a bottle which was from the firing which produced so many seconds for us.
Was the pot also like a weed not to be enjoyed, but at some point thrown out like the weeds should be?

So today I enjoyed looking at these "weeds" in my little "weed" pot.
Why not join them together and enjoy them while I can.

The flower "weeds" will be tossed in a few days, but the bottle- with some grinding I might just keep it close by for other weeds of inspiration.


Shortstuff said...

The Austrian couple who rented the Williams home in McLean never weeded out the dandelions. The wife always said she liked a little color in the yard. It's all just a matter of perspective.

Abela Bodycare said...

I love this post, & the way you think. I often put weeds in bouquets- poke, goldenrod... It's all good.

Linda Starr said...

One man's junk is another man's treasure, same with weeds (except bermuda - my bane). I've read that dandelions are good to eat very high in vitamins, that's a sweet bouquet.

Anonymous said...

i always get in that argument too... like a monarch butterfly is common to us but if you lived where they don't have them you would think them extremely exotic, same with cardinals, actually the same with almost all species

cynthia said...

I weeded my cosmos today - totally self seeded last fall and it's EVERYWHERE. I must have 500 seedlings in my compost pile.

I always consider a weed any plant that one doesn't want....

You can eat the greens of the dandelion - supposedly it's peppery like arugula.

In Maine - there were some beautifully tall elegant varieties of dandelion. Clover always remind me of being a kid - we used to drink the nectar out of the petals.

cookingwithgas said...

I have to agree with you all- I spotted some really pretty small yellow daisy flowers during this mornings walk- but it was raining and I was holding my umbrella so I only looked -even the milkweed is flowering and the vetch is all covered with purple.
I also think the same thing when I pick up seashells- they sre discards form their owners and we love and take them home.

T.Gray said...

Regarding the vase...some of my (now) favorite pots are ones that I initially stuck aside for one reason or other, not good enough to put on the shelves, and years later have come to appreciate, upon discovering them underneath piles of junk, forgotten.