Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where's the flashlight?

Well, there I go with the fast fingers and the post goes out with not one written word---
As I was thinking......... the kiln is cooling and Mark and I have already taken turns with the flash light. First he takes a look in the kiln and then I take a look in the kiln.
Right now, where we can look and see anything, things look good. The ash glaze has stopped above the bottoms of the pots.
Well above the shelf.
At least where we can see.
Mark pulled the kiln back a bit this firing stopping right before a flat cone 10.
The cones are bent, but not flat down.
Hopefully we will continue to see good pots.
Now for some clean up in the studio before unloading the kiln tomorrow.

But! I do have to say, "UNCLE" with the rain!
Here in the land of Magnolias and Mildew we are well covered with both.
Is this not the sunny south?
Bring back some sun.
Then I would like to open the house up and dry things out before the frogs take up residence.
I feel some gills growing as I sit here in my dank basement.
Pots out tomorrow- pictures I hope to follow.


Linda Starr said...

What a lovely magnolia, I love their fragrance. I was working in the studio last night and stepped out with a lantern and almost squished a frog, thankfully the little guy hopped off after I gave him a nudge with my foot. Hope you get some really good pots.

Shortstuff said...

We've been a little bit dryer up here this week, but I can see where the weather systems are going around us to the north and south. It's very annoying when it rains nonstop like that. I get cranky! Hope it's dry soon.

Anonymous said...

great to hear that the firing looks good so far. looking forward to pics of finished wares. i can't believe the rain... here in ky it's the same, don't ever remember this much rain. plants love it though

Barbara said...

We've been having a fog blanket for the last weeks, so rain might be a - wait,
I should be careful what I wish for. For you, I wish for sun and big smiles when you open the kiln.