Sunday, July 26, 2009

And very big bug

Here are some pictures of the kiln while we were unloading.
Mark did a slower longer fire.

The ash was better.

We used a new batch of iron Red without changing anything.

It looked pretty good. Some iron trapping, but not muddy like the last kiln firing.
And that mystery stuff the mouse brought in.... we still don't know what it is, but its burning did not seem to effected any thing in the kiln.

Asheboro has just voted in beer and wine sales along with serving liquor by the drink. We were suppose to meet a friend at one of the new restaurants in downtown on Friday night for dinner. The place was packed with an hour wait list.
We asked to be put on the list and the waitress told Mark, " Just remember there are three in front of you." He said what if I want to go away for 30-minutes or more and come back.
She said "fine, but..... just remember that there are three ahead of you."
At which point Mark took my arm and strolled me out saying we are going somewhere else.
You want to say, " Get with the program Asheboro." I know this is all new for you, but you have to learn how to handle a crowd.
Instead we found our friend and headed up to another new place.
Bistro 42 near the mall.
It was quiet, nice and the service was great and the food good.

This bug is on a wall in downtown asheboro. He is about the size of the one which joined me in the basement last week. See they do get big here.


tsbroome said...

Go Asheboro! When I was in college there, we would drive to Randleman to get beer at the drive through beer store. I wonder if it's still there? Of course by the time we got back to Asheboro half the beer was gone! Really safe. Same up in Boone, we would drive from Boone to Blowing Rock to get beer. Again, really safe on icy mt. roads. Glad you had a better firing :)

Jay Henderson said...


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Cannot IMAGINE a dry town.....

Linda Starr said...

Looks like a great firing, can't wait to see a few closeups. When we lived in Arkansas it was a dry county, guys who bootlegged alcohol had coke machines on their porch - that meant they had alcohol for sale. Once on a Sunday I went to a grocery in Hot Springs which wasn't a dry county. I didnt know about not purchasing alcohol on Sundays - I brought some wine to the counter and you would have thought I slapped a preacher or something. Whoa is me. That looks like a mud dobber, a beneficial insect.

Shortstuff said...

The pots look beautiful. The bug looks...BIG.

Joe and Christy said...

wow, sounds like asheboro has really gone wild since we left there for the land of perpetually flowing beer!

cindy shake said...

The kiln load looks beautiful and the Bug is GREAT! We have some Dry Bush (rural) communities because of alcohol problems in the villages but none of our major cities or larger communities are Dry.

*my verification word is "zoopy" which is what I get when I drink too many Grey Goose Lemon Drops or Cosmopolitans -ha mmmmm!

cookingwithgas said...

It has been interesting to watch Asheboro transform its self now that you can have a drink. There are still folks here who think we are all going to hell for drinking.
I no longer have to buy beer or wine by the case because it is close by.
I use to buy a case of beer, a case of wine and a gallon of mike.
Folks looked at me funny. I wanted to say and this is just breakfast!
I'll get some pictures of the pots for peace up soon
I do love that bug on the wall in Asheboro he is a favorite!
I might have to try the word zoopy in scrabble!

Judy Shreve said...

The firing looks sweet! But that bug is scary . . . I've seen some that big when I lived in Florida.

Can't imagine a dry county. We still can't buy alcohol on Sundays in GA - but I think that's changing soon. Too much tax money to be made in this time of vanishing state budgets.

Anonymous said...

i left ny in 77 where drinking age was 18 to go to college in ky where the drinking age was 21 and i was in a dry county. i never understood it and still don't. the county i went to school in just voted wet 5 years ago or so... it's hard to believe for me but what can u do? we can't get alcohol in louisville, the largest city in ky before 12 on sunday and all i can think that they are avoiding is someone getting smashed and staggering into church while the masses are going on... i mean how often does this happen? sounds like the waitress was stressed and not used to having to ask people to wait. just remember, there are 3 ahead of you... in case you were planning on storming a table and pulling a knife on the waitress for your order.