Thursday, July 30, 2009

Details.... and thinking....

Details, details.......
Mark is shoring things up for the arch of the new kiln.
Detail work is going on inside the chimney area and skew blocks are in place for the arch, while some welding on the steel is going on.
Even though this is not a big kiln the details are important.
Mark builds things to last.
Our big kiln was built in 1982 still standing and still firing pots.
I expect this one will be a solid kiln as well.
The details are in the works,
Arch, steel, chimney, gas lines and burners.......

Maybe in the next month?
Meanwhile I am thinking about Christmas, It always happens this time of year.
It is time to make Christmas pots to be ready for the season.
An older potter here once told me you need to have the Christmas post made by August to get them all through the kiln.
So it has me thinking and I have my list in my head. I need to put it on paper and get some pots made.

On another note and yet the same, go over and read Cindy Shake today. She has a great post on selling and thinking about your work.
She made me think, which at 6:30 am is a feat in its self!

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Linda Starr said...

Wow, you and Mark are doing a wonderful job on that kiln it looks so good, Christmas - oh my - wish it was xmas weather.