Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A quick trip over the fourth-

Chirp, chirp, twitter, twitter..........insert birds calls here--- it's 4 am and birds don't sleep in the city like they do at my house.
Beep, beep, beep...bam, bam, bam...insert the sounds of a big construction crew building a big parking garage here.......it's 5 am and they are fast at work.
I took the sleep mask, I took the ear plugs........
Oh- the fire engine just went out and an ambulance is coming in.
Insert those here it's 5:45 am.....

Sigh- yes we are spoiled and if we did live her I think we would adjust to the noise.
But sleeping in the city has become a challenge for me.

It never gets dark in cities and cities never sleep.
We made a quick trip over to see the son's new house over the 4Th.

Then up to see my mother and Penny the cat.
Who, as you can see, is still living the high life and taking her daily rides with Mom back and forth throughout the house.

The weekend, despite some rain, was very pleasant.
Being July you can not always say that about Norfolk. It can be hot and muggy.
We left today and it was still a wonderful cool morning.
The view down the block.

Don't you want to live here?

I love the area of Norfolk- near downtown. The houses are old turn of the century mixed with some new and old apartment buildings. The apartment's, gone condo now, are as big as some houses I have been in. High ceilings, big rooms,beautiful woodwork, large windows, and tree lined streets.
One of those "walking neighborhoods."

But we hit the road home

Stopped for lunch.

And now we are thinking about going to work tomorrow!
But first- I am going to sleep in my own bed while I listen to the crickets and frogs.... my birds get up about 6am and that is okay by me!


Shortstuff said...

Where did you guys stay? I agree...the big city has gotten quite noisy. Hard to believe we used to sleep with all that racket going on. I'm used to the country, too.

I do agree that Ghent is a great and fun neighborhood...at least it is now. Wish it had half that stuff when we were growing up.

Barbara said...

Guess I've just learned to tune out the city noise. Oh, the earplugs help. But I'd rather have frogs and crickets any day or morning.

Linda Starr said...

Oh I am so glad you posted this I was thinking we'd move to a small city but I am so used to living in the country. Not sure I could put up with all that noise. Sounds like you had a nice visit though; your mom's cat is so cute riding along there.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Sis- we stayed at "Becky's next door" she has a great apartment, but the noise and light- I think I am going back to Libby's next time!
Hey Barbara- I can do the usual city noises but the construction...is very hard to take. It also shakes the houses a bit- wonder what that does to the foundations...
Linda- our son lives in a nice quite place in the city- they can be found- but I would not suggest- two blocks from a hospital.
And one which has been "working" on expanding for the past 10 years. It will soon be right out the backdoor of my mother's house!

Anonymous said...

your comments about the city make me want to move to the country... it's amazing the level of noise pollution that one can get used to. there is never a time where you don't hear dogs barking, lawn mowers, infernal leaf blowers, cars, trucks, sirens, etc. and i can't see the stars at night

Shortstuff said...

Yeah, give Libby's a shot. She's open to it. I think it's a little quieter over in her neck of the woods.