Sunday, July 12, 2009

A walk in the woods.

Today we went for a walk in the “woods.”
Well truth be told we drove up to the back part of the farm and then took the walk through the woods.
I use the term loosely because for the past several weeks the woods next to us have been under siege.

We have noticed a lot of the woods around us being cut.
Times are hard and folks need money. When this happens they turn to the trees and even though the price is way down they go ahead and cut.
The people who own this land, by the time it was all over, maybe cleared 5,000.00

There is a creek, which feeds our pond, right in the middle of this clear cut. Mark went over and talked with the guy in charge of the crew. He was kind enough to do as little cutting as possible at the creek.
We walked it today and all things considered it seems in good shape.

It always breaks my heart to see large tracks of land cut. It looks like the end of the world.
The only good part here is the person who owns the land plans to replant.
I am keeping my fingers crossed he does.
Of course the plant will be pines, so gone will be the big oaks and other hard woods.

On another note we found a nice cool spot where ferns are growing.

But I worry a bit about this large grove of running cedar.
It might be too exposed to the amount of sun it is now taking in.

I’ll have to walk back there this fall to see if it makes it through the summer.


tsbroome said...

WOW! You posted a lot while I was gone! I have been catching up with everyone today. So sad to see the fire picture, but happy that you were so busy and didn't notice the date too much. I keep thinking Wes and I are going to have a Seagrove day before school starts back, but there is always so much going on. Soon, I hope....

Linda Starr said...

A study I read said decidious trees enable rainfall to percolate further into the soil due to their root systems compared to more shallow rooted pines; not to mention the food and habitat they provide for the critters from decomposing leaves replenishing the nutrients in the soil. It's sad when folks clear cut.

Shortstuff said...

I've been getting letters from lumber companies about our woods there. I just throw them in the trash. I hate that they clearcut old growth and just plant pines. Those single tap roots just don't cut it. Thank goodness you and Mark are around to keep an eye on things. THANKS

Anonymous said...

very sad... doesn't seem worth it to me by any measure

Annapants! said...

*sad pout*

cynthia said...

So disappointing to clear cut for so little considering the amount of time that it takes trees to mature.