Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cat got your tounge?

Hey- do you every have those days when you feel you have nothing to really talk about, but a lot to think about.
I want to tell you what a great day we had yesterday.

We had good customers in the store, who liked our work and took home some pots.
We enjoyed seeing some regulars and meeting some new customers as well.
We had two ladies in who had hear about us from a friend in Wisconsin.
If you are going to Seagrove you have to go to Whynot.
Then a visiting potter from Washington State, who was a pleasure to meet, along with his friend from Brevard NC.
Then the last group of the day were great fun.
A couple from Winston-Salem, with her Mom and two friends.
I bet we took 3-4 groups through the newly rebuilt workshop.
It was one of those magic days.
Good conversations and pots being packed to go to good homes.

I ran off to pick up eggs and deliver some good organic garlic to a friend. While I was gone Mark sold two of the pillow pots.
You know when you make something new you just don't know how they will be received. Mark said the woman who bought them was so excited over them.
That just made my day.

There was a man in who shared a great story with me.
He came to find us just to tell us about his father.
His father bought a pitcher, vase and one coffee mug from us about 20 years ago.
His son told us that his father drank his coffee out of that mug every day until the day he passed away.
He said his mother would try to take it to put in the dishwasher and his father would want it.
So the ritual began in which he would carefully wash and dry the mug and set it aside to be ready anytime he wanted to use it.
The son says it sits on a shelf now and they can not take it down or use it yet. It reminds then so much of the father and how much he enjoyed the mug.
The son said maybe the next visit home he would be able to take it and bring it home with him. He would like to have it to remind him of his father.
I was so pleased that he shared this family story with me and that we were part of this man's daily life.
When I see our work used, or I hear about how a coffee mug can enrich someones life everyday, I think, this is why we do this. This is why I want to make pots. I do like that we touch people in a good place. Give them something to hold and enjoy. Nourishment for the soul, for that place it can take you, if only for a little while.


Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

That is the kind of story I love. If even one person would feel that way about one of my mugs, It makes it all worth while. You did have a great day :) said...

What a wonderful story. Sounds like the stars were aligned just right yesterday, we had a good day as well!
I remember the very first vase I ever sold, the girl bought it for a Mother's Day present for her mom. That's why we do this I think, it feels so good to give people special memories with something that we have created with our hands.

Shortstuff said...

What a wonderful story. That must make your work very gratifying.

Linda Starr said...

This story brought a tear to my eye, so happy for you both to have such a wonderful and special day at your pottery.

cookingwithgas said...

It is a great story. It made me think of Mark's Dad. It sounded like something he would do- or had done.

Anonymous said...

wow... i fantasize that someone would cherish one of my pieces that much. what a great story and so glad the man came and let you know.