Friday, August 14, 2009

A good week

This has been one of those weeks.
It started out with a visit with a
friend who has been gone from Seagrove for about 12 years.
She has gone on to go to school, go to China and is now teaching art.
Good to see you Anna and catch up on your great life!

We are busy getting ready for the fall trade, we hope!
I had to post these Candle sticks. They are for my mother-in law's church. We started this order the night of the fire. Mark had made the vases and some candlesticks last thing of the day and they were lost in the fire.
Mark then threw two candle sticks months ago which were lost in the bisque.
These are his recent attempts to finish the order.
I think they might work and they go well with the vases, which are finished and sent on to the church.
These are a combination of thrown and extruded.

Fingers crossed, it would be good to have these finished and I know the church will be happy to have them.

Tonight there is an opening for the current show at the NCPC.

I have made some Pesto Cheesecake for the reception.
And tomorrow we have our Potters for Peace sale- all in all a busy week.

Then there was the butterfly, who came out on Wednesday.
I think it was just out. It's wings were folded up tight.
It took a few hours before she started to move around and I was there showing her to Anna, her kids and sister from Starworks when she took off and flew.

It was magical.


Anonymous said...

pesto cheesecake? sounds yummy and combining two things i love although i stopped eating cheesecake.

Linda Starr said...

Great butterfly and caterpillar photos. Is that dill they are on?

Hope the candlesticks work this time, they are lovely.

I love cheesecase and pesto, but together - well I'll try just about anything once. And I know you're a good cook so it must be good.

cindy shake said...

The candlesticks are lovely. The caterpillars and butterfly are absolutely INSPIRING! What wonderful color they are. Wish I could have seen them -glad you took pictures.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Jim,Linda and Cindy- I should let you know that this cheesecake is savory and not sweet- don't be put off by the name.
It is very good and so simple!
I saw a butterfly today- I think it is mine she hung out with me while I was working around the garden.
Yep- they are eating the dill and parsley.
I have three more in there- I hope they are in the pupa stage. I want more around here.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Not everyone can claim their own butterfly! Hope you get lots more!