Friday, August 28, 2009

Moonflower just one more time

The moonflower is quite easy to grow.
I find them in seed packets and start them in wet paper towels.
As soon as the roots develop I pop them in the ground.
They like sunshine and places to climb.
They will climb about 20 feet if you let them.
I place these seeds under the area where I had my cucumber.
The cucumber is gone and I am left with these beauties!
Just a few more from last night and then we are off to unload the kiln.
And, Yes they do bring Georgia O'Keeffe to mind.


Linda Starr said...

those two are great photos, wouldn't they look nice framed on the wall facing one another. Maybe next place we live I'll grow these, thanks for the tip on starting them between a damp paper towel, can't wait to see what comes from the kiln.

Volunteer abroad India said...

Those are wonderful shots. Thank you for sharing!