Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Step out of the way - nothing to see here

I feel as if I have spent the last few weeks coming out of my cocoon. I feel a bit like the butterfly from a few weeks ago.
After the past year of losing our work area and the rebuild, I rarely had the energy it takes to be social.
In fact I was content to stay home, knowing the piles of stuff I had to deal with.
Both mental and physical.
Well the past few weeks and months we have found our selves enjoying getting out.
It has been nice to enjoy a night or lunch with friends
But it means less time on the computer, which is a good thing.

And I have a lot of stuff coming out of my head.
That sure sounds strange.....

Anyway, after just making pots like a zombie last year I feel more connected to the clay this year.
And with that is coming new work.
I don't have pictures yet and maybe some it will be worth a post.
All I can say is, "we are having some fun."

We are still doing production work, the kiln is firing today.

But I hope to see some new work coming out of both of us in the next few months.
Let's see where this goes.


Shortstuff said...

There's plenty to see there...a good looking couple covered in the mud of their trade...and they make gorgeous work with that mud.

Joseph said...

I'm glad you're feeling the cup getting full. You'll be overflowing with creativity and light before you know it!

Abela Bodycare said...

It's good to be having some fun! I love the picture of you two.

Michael Mahan said...

Having fun is fun isn't it? Good to hear you're feeling inspired.

Linda Starr said...

You both look so happy standing there - great photo. Your post brought a little tear to my eye as I know life sure can be tough some times, so glad you are feeling inspired and having fun.

Anonymous said...

good to hear you're having fun... not much else is that important after that

kriips said...

way to go guys! you're an inspiration!