Monday, September 7, 2009

Cone 5 clear

So it is fall and we should be doing nothing but making pots.
But then there is that kiln we are working on- and we are testing glazes.
I am looking for a really good clear for cone 5.
Yep- 5 not 6.
I have tested two and I have three others to try today.
What I would like is for the glaze recipe to include what temperature the glaze fires to.
I have a target temp of 2185-2190.
The clay body I use does not like to go to 6 and is happy at these temperatures.
So anyone with suggestions for a cone 5 clear shout them out!
I can add them to my list for test.
Meanwhile- it is time to get back on the wheel and make some pots for the next gas load.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Clay times had a clear in its latest issue, I think.....

June Perry said...

Have you tried some of the c6 clears? Many would probably work fine, maybe even better at c5.
Clayart just had a discussion on c6 clears. You might want to check the archives. said...

We use MC Clear at Claymakers and fire to ^5 because the kilns don't like to go to 6. I can get the recipe from there if you don't have it. We got it from Susan Filley I think.

Jay said...

I'll be glad to send (or bring) you a sample of mine (fires glass-clear and glossy at C5).

Ron said...

Spodumene 25
F-4 25
Silica 25
Gerstley Borate 25

Takes oxides well.

Anonymous said...

can't help on the^5 thing but nice shot of the caterpillar

Linda Starr said...

what a beautiful caterpillar, I guess I'll be testing some clears too when I move, hope you find a good one. What clay are you using?