Monday, September 28, 2009

Did you notice and the painters come back

Well Mark had to point out to me that the vase on the left side of the picture posted below was missing a tad of glaze, just under the handle.

Whoops, we touched that up before it went in the kiln today.

The other vase on the right hand side is something Mark is playing with.

I am saying play away.

He went to a workshop last month on making handmade brushes with Kent Mclaughlin from Fork Mountain Pottery.

Mark use to fly fish and tie his own flies. This lead to making brushes and sometimes pins for me and our daughter Anna.
Mark's brushes did not make it out of the fire.
And fire is not kind to brushes. They all looked like a bad hair day.
Mark came home with some nice brushes and has been " playing" with them.
He needs a bit more down time to really work into their use.
And, we are looking at other satins to use.

So far this is just a black slip base stain, if that makes sense.
And good or bad, I will post it up after it comes out of the kiln.

The other exciting news today is when we walked out the door the painters were busy painting the building.

It feels really good to see the building with this fresh look.
It feels like the last thing that we needed to do to finish the building.If there is anything we have forgotten it just does not come to mind.

I told the guys doing the painting that the building looked so pretty!

Which made them all smile,

The head guy told me this is gonna be one "spiffy" looking building.
You know, I think he's right.


Linda Starr said...

Meredith, did you see all the caterpillars on that plant you posted at the top of this post, there's at least three of them !!! Are those butterfly caterpillars?

I always miss spots glazing and thank goodness folks point it out to me - I need to start wearing magnifying glasses and wait a day before I consider them finally glazed.

Your building is looking great, can't wait to get out there.

Shortstuff said...

Hey, the shop looks great. Can't wait to come see it. We have a jam packed October. Maybe November. At least I'll get to see you next month, though. I'm off to Mom's this weekend. C U soon. Oh, I have a ginormous caterpillar like the ones on your plant in the picture. Mine is on the cherry tomatoe plant. It looks like the hookah smoking caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland!

Patricia Griffin said...

New brushes and new building... New beginnings!

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, I know the caterpillars are there. I hope they can make the cycle before it is too cold.
I hoped someone would notice!
Yes- new beginnings!

Michael Mahan said...

I'd like to see one of those brushes Mark is creating. I'd also like to make my own flies and go fly fishing. I

Anonymous said...

curious about those brushes... you say play away and i say yes indeed, play away. the building looks good.

cindy shake said...

What a lovely setting! Fly tying is quite an art and many make our long winters pass by tying. I LOVE to fly fish -I got a new fly fishing rod last year for Mother's Day (xox) -come up here to fish!! Nothing like a huge Silver Salmon caught on a fly rod -though I need a lot more practice, I wasn't so quick to palm my reel when they would run!!