Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to make it rain

Take one building add paint.

The painters will be back next week when the sun comes back.

Meanwhile pots are being made and are drying .
Bisque kilns are firing.
Rain is good, Right?


JLK Jewelry said...

I wish it was raining at our house! Funny the word to post is drizzle

Abela Bodycare said...

Oh I hope it's raining at our house! The garden will be so happy. One last day at the beach, then home. I hope yours is a good day.

cindy shake said...

I'll take that rain -the sprinkles we had yesterday ended as fast as they started -darn it! I need some of Mother Nature's water for the latest patina to beautify the octopus... Love the shapes of the new pots!

cookingwithgas said...

Jennie- QUICK go paint something outside I bet you will get rain!

I don't mine a bit of rain- just want to finish up the building.
Thanks Cindy- I am still chuckling over the pony farm.

Linda Starr said...

California sure could use some.

Anonymous said...

i've heard of that method... i had a friend that painted houses and he painted another friend's house one day and around 5 it poured for about a half hour and created a golden yellow river down the alley next to the house.

Michael Kline said...

Like those pitchers! Good to see you the other day!