Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making pots for Christmas and the giveaway

I was on the wheel yesterday making bottles one right after another.
You know the gig.
Thump, whirl, center, pull up, shape, off.
And another,
And another.
There are times that throwing production gives you that same feeling that you get when coming home.
You ,the clay and your wheel.
Just humming along and making some pots....
Then there are times that an idea begins to shape and you think of another shape you want to make.
If you don't watch out you will look down and your bottle will be a bowl or a mug or a vase.
It is where the mind thinks and the hands take over.
I love how potters learn to make a pot, let the mind take over and the hands do all the work.
There was an older potter here, Waymon Cole, who use to say, " If I had any brains, they was in my hands."
I love that expression and think of it often as I throw, or turn pots.
Thunk, whirl, center, pull up, shape, pot.......

Today is the last day to go over to the Women's Colony and leave a comment to win one of Mark's oil Lamps.
I have the lamp all packed up and ready to ship for the lucky winner.
So go- it might be you!
Me- I am back on the wheel today.
Making more bottles for a Christmas order.


Anonymous said...

hi meredith... love the description of throwing. i usually have a great deal of trouble not letting a vase become a bowl. beautiful piece with the red flowers

Linda Starr said...

Your flowery wall box is beautiful I love how it puffs out.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

totally cute, and you are a WHIZ with bottles!

Shortstuff said...

All I ever made was bowls...with fat feet! That's why I finally gave up my pottery hobby/habit. Besides, I have an "in" with a great couple of potters who make beautiful stuff that I like and can afford. I'm entered for the oil lamp...pick me, pick me!!! ;^)