Friday, October 23, 2009

A visit from Tracey and Wes Broome

Well- sometimes you need a day to sit back relax, have some lunch and just chat.
That is what I did today when Tracey Broome and her delightful daughter, Wes, came over for a visit.
I have been askingTracey to let me know when she could take a day off and was in the area that I would be happy to fix lunch.
And that is what we did.
Some pizza and salad fixings on my end.
Tracey and Wes brought the best ice cream and pound cake for a sweet treat.
It was fun to kick back and talk about pottery, families and life.
I am amazed at the relationships that we bloggers are forming.
It reminds me of the days of "pen pals."
You would chose a person to write with back and forth and next thing you knew a friendship had formed. I feel that way with the bloggers. There are many of us who cross many miles daily to check in on one another, cheer each other along, pick up spirits for one another .
And on a special day like today just take some time to " break bread" and get to know each other a little more.

I have just been in touch with Linda Starr who has sold her house and will be traveling across county to see what she and her husband can see before they settle down somewhere and start their new journey into another phase of life.
I plan to follow Linda on her travels and look forward to the day she rolls in here for a visit.
Then it will be time to sit back again, take a day off.

I am amazed and thankful for the new friends we are finding through clay and these online blogs.

And I know, I know- I am looking at these pictures and wondering when I went so gray.
Is it time to go Red or blonde?


Laurie/AbelaBodycare said...

It is amazing how many wonderful people are out there blogging. Thanks again for sharing this world with me! I'm glad you had some time to play today. said...

Great photo of the three of us! Thanks Mark :) and thanks to both of you for a great day. I needed a day away from the kiln after this crazy week. The pizza and salad were amazing as was the company. So glad we met through the blog! Call me when Linda is coming and I'll drive down. I'll have a little post of my own coming up. Thanks again for a great day!!!

cindy shake said...

Oh how fun! I read about the road trip on Tracey's Blog and got to see the picture on your Blog, Meredith! You all are invited to my place ANYTIME -though I think if you made the trip I'd need to throw in dinner and breakfast too :o)

Hollis Engley said...

Y'all oughta come up to Cape Cod some time. I'll bet we could find room for you.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Whereas most folks are commenting about the long distannce relationships and such, I am going to say go red...there is just something about a redhead.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi all- new choices and places to go!
I am green over Linda's adventures to come and wish I could stow away with her.
Tracey it was a really great day and we really enjoyed it.
Cindy the temptation is huge to pack a bag and get on the plane. I hope one day we can meet.
Cape Cod..... Its closer yet another temptation…..
What’s this having to work for a living stuff……

And Rob... I think Mark would like red!
Laurie we need a day soon to catch up!

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun time, i'm envious because there's so many of you carolina potters that you can't swing a dead cat with hitting one. that being said, i guess it takes more than good intentions to actually make the get togethers possible. some day maybe i'll just head toward the ocean and see who i run into. the gray looks fine by the way.

Patricia Griffin said...

What a great time! It's fun to see you and Tracy (and Wesley too) together... Go purple!

Linda Starr said...

I think the gray looks great too and wonderful photos of Tracey, Wesley and you. I may be there sooner than you think, but not sooner than a month from now. I really wish I could visit all the bloggers I have met, but I am afraid I just can't. Maybe some day we'll turn our treasure bus into the clay traveling bus and we can all travel together - oops another idea, who knows. Bye for now, my library internet minutes are running out.