Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Station break, or the rain moved in

We had a plan.
When you go out of town and then come back to work and don't pay any attention to the TV or weather you, me, are surprised when you find out there is a storm coming that plans to rain on your parade of things you have to do.
Rain it is for all day today and maybe tomorrow.
We are weather watches when it is kiln loading and firing time.
A little rain is fine.
30 mile an hour wind plus rain.
We can wait a day.
The kiln is under a shed, but the going in and out and the place to put ware boards can get damp.
So better to wait a day.
I have signed myself to the dreaded bookwork.
I use to update the books monthly, who was that person? Now, I get a few months behind and there it is sitting on my desk just waiting on me.
So while this storm dumps lots of rain and I plan to stay dry in the basement office and try not to think about losing a day to weather.
We have time for the delay and we don't.
We want to fire a kiln in December and there are pots to be made for that.
And, gee I just received a notice to report for jury duty on December 1st.

Be sure and get your tickets for the Friday night Gala of the" Celebration Of Seagrove Potters."
It is coming up fast and I know you want to be there!

Our booth number is B-12 come and see us!

9 comments: said...

Rain indeed! I was soaked last night by the time I finished firing my kiln. It's under a shed, but the wind was blowing in the rain and I have to go up a flight of stairs to go into the house. Also, would like to be out there this morning unloading, but forget about that! I'm making spread sheets for the successful glazes today so I can stop rounding up all of my notebooks and bits of paper when it's time to mix a glaze.Office time for me too.

Anonymous said...

i heard there was a big storm coming your way... and i hate paperwork too, and i don't like jury duty either. sounds gloomy all the way round. good luck

cindy shake said...

But of course you'll have jury duty :o( Sounds like time to put a pot of soup on and get caught up on paperwork -or Blog surf the afternoon away!!

Linda Starr said...

I got a jury notice too, just before we closed on our house. Jury duty would have been 47 miles one way from my home at $6 a day, Ha! I'm homeless now so the heck with it. I don't think I'll be there by that Friday, darn, still a couple more things to get cleared up. Gary just found towns in Kentucky called Thousand Sticks, Black Snake and Flat Licks, have a good one, hope it doens't rain too much.

Hollis Engley said...

Hmmmm ... I hear that storm is coming out way here in the Northeast.

cookingwithgas said...

The wind and rain is still with us- leaving me to think we will not load tomorrow either.
But today I did go for my maintaince massage- it was nice even with the weather.

Shortstuff said...

Well, sis, you sent the weather north. Our rain started later than yours, but it sure seems to have staying power. 50-some degrees and a relentless downpour predicted for the next couple of days. Glad I got the grass mowed last weekend.

Barbara said...

Wish I could be there for the Gala. Having a massage while it rains is a great way to not worry. Maybe you could have another one tomorrow if it is still rainy . . .

Polish Pottery said...

fall is a great time to make pottery, stay home and generally focus on the job you have to do when weather outside is awful