Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving already.....

I can tell you that the wind is still whipping out there.
And with that said I don't know how much we will load in the kiln today.
And the days are really counting down.
With only one week away from the show.

Now the thought is get it in and fire Sunday.
The kiln then takes two full days to cool down.
Nice and slow.
Sunday fire, Monday and Tuesday cool down, unload on Wednesday.
Set up is Thursday and Friday Night Gala is, well, Friday.
So our few days lead have turned into us chomping at the bit to get it done.
Nothing like letting the wind out of your sails.
And speaking of wind... yea, I already said, IT IS STILL BLOWING!"

I had to share my Thanksgiving cactus which thinks it is time for some turkey.
I think they are both a little early this year.
Maybe I should have left them outside another 2 weeks.

Little sister here is only about four years old. Plucked off at cart a Lowe's hardware one day. The first year no blooms at all. All the spots that I thought were going to bloom just dropped off.
She was much happier after being put in a Geoff Pickett planter with some room to work on her spreading roots.

I have a Pesto Cheesecake in the oven for the (free) reception tonight at the NCPC.

This is the all time easiest recipe. It sounds so strange, but think savory okay?

Off to be productive!


6 comments: said...

You know my cactus always blooms in February. I have done the leaving it in the cold thing and giving it darkness, it still likes February. Last year I got a nice big Mark Hewitt planter decorated by Alex Matisse for it. Worked my ass off out there to pay for that thing! Yours is beautiful. The one I have was a sprout from my grandmother's. Good luck with the firing. It wouldn't be a holiday sale without last minute firings would it!

Linda Starr said...

pesto cheesecake ? two of my favorite things and mixed into one goodness, wish I was there, tires on bus tomorrow then health insurance, then outta here.

Laurie said...

Mmmmm. I'll have to try that pesto cheesecake recipe. Sounds yummy! Tried to post a comment to your last post, but it wasn't cooperating last night. Got almost 8" of rain out of this one. And you're right, it's been plenty windy! Looks like Sunday will be a nice day, though.

cookingwithgas said...

Funny how they call them Christmas Cactus and they have their own season- yours TB must be for Valentine's day!
Linda! I know you will be happy to be on the road.
Laurie- what a mess!
I just looked at pictures of the home town!
Lot of flooding there!

jeannette stgermain said...

You gotto be kidding, your cactus is already blooming?? I was just thinking the other day to ask the nursery if they have 'em in stock now!

Barbara said...

Pesto cheesecake - what a great combination.

You sound so calm about having to wait for the rain and wind to stop. I hope your weather matches that calm soon!

Beautiful spreading Thanksgiving cactus.