Thursday, December 3, 2009

Upgrade in the studio

So a good buddy of ours calls Mark and says, "come down here and take off some of these cabinets that I can't use."

They are returns from jobs or they are cracked and need some repair.

Okay, you don't have to ask twice.

Mark went down and then spent the last two days doing an upgrade next to our wheels.

I got the one with the pull out drawers because it was too big for his space.
I love it.
Just what a girl needs a place to store those small things that pile up all over.
Plus my mother saves all these take out containers for me.They are just right for all my little stuff I use when I am making magnets, pendants and earrings.

It also gives me this great counter top to work on between my wheels.
I put my stuff in the drawers right away.
Then Mark had to take them out to work on the doors.
I filled it up again and he had to take them out to put the hardware on as well.
You get the picture. I like this cabinet, it is better then a new toy.

Here is the one Mark put next to his wheel not a bad deal either.
He put a nice thick sheet of plywood on top covered by plastic sheeting.
So when you are out there making friends, go friend a person in the kitchen bath industry.
They make great friends.
The other useful thing we get, when we can get them, is sink cut outs, which make great bats for throwing large things.
Or we use them by putting wheel on them and then using them to roll around heavy objects such as large batches of glaze or buckets of water.

I am moving better every day.
And if you are reading in my side bar go to Jim's post on his trip over Thanksgiving.

I sent it to my son and his only reply was, "I need a basement."

Back to work- I am working on some tiles and pillow pots, plus lots of little tiles, pendants, magnets and earrings. I need to fill up the small electric kiln so we can fire Allison's tiles.


MH said...

Hey- Our cabinet guy was a good friend way before he was a cabinet guy or I was a potter - Thanks for the stuff dude. Yeah,I know the doors are crooked. said...

I love salvage! And I love getting to put things away in drawers, my neighbors in Greensboro used to make fun of me and my drawer organization.I'm very envious of your studio right now as I have pots all over the dining room table, the deck, the hallway.....
BTW, I left a silly post on someone's blog, not yours, I got confused. It was Whatnot and I didn't see it clearly, just went right on blabbering to someone :)I have no idea who they are!!

Anonymous said...

i'm envious of you cabinetry acquisitions, especially with all the little drawers. i've got little things laying all over the place that i need sometimes without homes. of course maybe i'm just a messy person (ya think?) because i don't have one of those nifty boards behind my wheel with ribs and calipers conveniently hanging within reach. i hope your son gets a basement and maybe he'll start his own brewing operation? it was fun and whenever i visit i always think how much i ought to move back home and visit my cousin once a week. i'm amazed when talking to him how much his brewing sounds like glaze calculation.

Linda Starr said...

Wow, I like those pull out shelves, those are really a good idea. What great acquisitions you both got. Yippee for you both. I have the same pile of stuff for my pendants and tiles etc. I need to keep these pull out shelves in mind for my new studio coming up(hopefully very soon) in the future. Thanks for posting this.

cookingwithgas said...

Yes you can all be green.
I love that potters put things to use that others might now feel worthy of doing anything with.
The pull out shelves are probably for pots and pans.
But boy are they handy here.
Tracey- Whatnot are folks from over at Starworks and I have even been confussed my self before what I clicked on their blog thinking it was mine.
Jim- If you moved back I would bet you would stop in daily to see your cousin.
that is some "hobby" he has going on.
We have made beer but not to that extreme.
Linda- I would go for one of these cabinets when you are all settled in- put down a note in your note book.
Put it on the wish list for your studio.

T.Gray said...

I'm constantly amazed at how tidy and organized you guys are!

Annapants! said...

SWEET! You know how I love the organization! :)