Friday, January 8, 2010

Buzzing down the highway

I was buzzing down the Internet highway going about 90 in a 55 mile zone.
With a monitor from the old days.
I already had one monitor brake down this year and was trying not to buy another one.
We pulled out one from the old days we had in reserve and it worked.
What the hey- I could use that one and I was.
Mark's new monitor, just 2 years, crapped out just before Christmas.
Ha, I thought I am going to keep on trucking on this old one and not replace mine yet.
He tried to get me to order one with his and I scoffed, " this one is working just fine."

There I was, making a left turn from the center lane, pulling all the information together for the Clay and Blogs show and what should happen?
The screen started dancing big black lines vertically and making a noise like a rusted out old washing machine.
What the ......
So I had to order a new monitor, which should be in Monday.
I had to pay more for mine than Mark did because he got in on Christmas sales with free shipping.
That should teach me not to be so cheap.

Meanwhile, Mark, who is the nice guy, has let me plug up to his when I need to.
So I am still sorting some information and should have things for this pulled together soon.

In the studio we are playing with setting tiles.
I had two tiles, one a set of 4 and the other a set of two, I made before the fire, that I was going to set two years ago.
Mark had a set of 4 tiles he wanted to set.
This seemed like a good time to see how best to do this.
We played with that and then I glued pendants and earrings.

The wheels are calling us back and we hope to have some warmer weather in the next week or so.
More on the show and more on pots next week.
I like to play it a bit slow in January.


Laurie said...

Not cheap, just frugal. That Mark's a good guy.

Jay Henderson said...

You'll have downright balmy weather compared to us, but don't put away those mittens just yet.

Anonymous said...

there's never a good time for your monitor to go on the blink

Linda Starr said...

Ninety in a 55 zone, sounds like me, except I had to quit that cause Gary got a ticket a couple years back and I don't want our insurance rates to go up if I get one, I try to remember to put it on cruise control.


I'm just like you when it comes to spending money. I call it being thrifty, but Matt says it usually ends up costing us more money.I've still never really mastered the art of finding a sale and planning ahead. Unless I'm buying clay, then I can't seem to get enough at one time :)

Seems like everything is made to be disposable these days and (relatively) cheap to replace versus repair. Your poor old monitor.

Patricia Griffin said...

Had to get a new laptop last year... Ouch! Am hoping everything hangs together in 2010. I feel your pain!