Tuesday, January 19, 2010

North Carolina Pottery Center

Yesterday as the sun was out I was sitting in a meeting for the NCPC.
I have been on the board now for a number of years.
In the past few years the NCPC tried to work with the state and the county to become a state museum.
With the economy on the down turn this just did not happen.
The state and the county are struggling just like the rest of us.
The NCPC almost closed its doors two years ago.
Money was just about gone and it had about 3 months of operating expenses in the bank.
The board with the help of some great supporters turned that around.

We banded together to bring the NCPC back to operating and put in on a better foundation.
Yesterday we talked about fundraising for the upcoming year.
If we continue to bring in about 100 K a year the NCPC can survive.
Why is this important?
In this same town of Seagrove there are about 80 potter shops in the surrounded area.
In the State of NC there are even more potters and potteries I wish I had a count, but I suspect there are well over a thousand working potters in NC.
What does the NCPC provide for the potters?
The NCPC mission is to promote the awareness and history of NC Pottery throughout the state.
A pretty big undertaking.
I know I sit on the board.

The most important service, in my mind, that the NCPC provides is education.
Every time someone comes through the door they are stepping into a place where there is a permanent exhibition of historical pots. Salt glaze, slip ware, art pots and even contemporary pots.
It holds several exhibitions a year. It partners with the NC Arts Council to provide a program for local 5th graders.
It runs the entire 5th grade through a program which has them working with local potters and making pots.
It operates all this with one full time staff and two part time.
Its hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10-4pm.

I would suggest you become a member.
Because I think we, as potters, need this place.
I think we, as potters, owe it to the next generation to make sure they can go to the NCPC and seek the same history that we have all had the opportunity to enjoy.
What is coming up this year for the NCPC?
An exhibition called.
"New Generation of Seagrove Potters"
Artist Reception: Friday, February 12, 2010 5:30-7:30 pm
February 6, 2010 - April 10, 2010
All receptions are free to the public.

So poke around their website and see if you can put this on your list of places you must go see.
And if you can make the reception come on out it should be an interesting show.


Linda Starr said...

If you don't live there can you be a member? Maybe everyone in the state should be a member. What a great program for the 5th graders, that is so important, history, culture, art, and craft all in one pursuit, so good for them to experience at that young age.

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, Linda anyone can be a member!
It is full of great stuff and we get visitors from all over the USA and beyound.

Bulldog Pottery said...

There is a great show going on there now. If you have not seen it and are in the area check it out.
It is called
"Fire in the Valley: Catawba Valley Pottery Then and Now" You have until January 30th !