Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thanks Tracey!

Well today at lunch Mark brought back a package from the mailbox.
"Are you expecting anything from Tracey? “He asked.
No, but there it was a nice package and I was excited to see what Tracey had sent me in the mail.
I opened the box and found this wonderful, rich green Raku star.
I had noticed them on her post not that long ago and asked about them.
Lo and behold here is one at my house.
The card attached says, “you are a Star."

Well darn Tracey, Thanks!

I am looking for somewhere to hang it so I can see it everyday.
I never thought of myself as a Star, but the thought that some one else does
warms me.

Tracey is one of the bloggers who will join us in the Show

Clay and Blogs; Telling a Story.
I can't tell you at this time how I found Tracey's blog.
But she was one of those Blogs I found myself checking back to pretty often.
Then the next thing you know we are both making communications with each other.
 First on the bog and then later by email.
You might remember that Tracey and her tall, talented and now driving daughter came out and had lunch with us.
This is why I continue to read and connect through the bogs.
It has opened up a world of folks I would never had met if I had not stepped out and typed a few words in a box.
I love the Star and back at you!
You too are a Star, one of those special people who thinks about others and shares who you are with us.
Thanks Tracey!


ang said...

all that from a 'two bogging post', ya made me smile! and nice one trace..

Laurie said...

Way cool!

Shortstuff said...

That is one good looking raku star. Beautiful and it's in your colors, Mere. Bonus said...

Girrrrlllll, you ARE a star, would else would have put together such a cool show for all of us!!!
Here is a quick funny story about those stars. The NC Craft Gallery buys a bunch of them from me, I brought some in one day for Sarah to chose from, sat them down, ran out to my car, came back in and they were gone. A customer had gathered them up and was heading to the register with them before they even got checked in. Talk about a great ego boost! This last firing was the best batch of stars I have had, so I thought you might like one. I always feel odd giving a potter any of my stuff, but these were worthy of a potter's critical eye! Enjoy :) said...

who else? sorry......where is the spell check for these things any way:)

cookingwithgas said...

I am looking at the star now and it still puts a smile on my face!

Ben Stark said...

That star is really sweet--both meanings :)

Anonymous said...

lucky you, it's a beautiful star and a sweet sentiment.

Linda Starr said...

Wow, what a wonderful piece and a great story, Tracey and Meredith, you are both stars. I love that story about the customer gathering them all up to buy, how great.

Barbara said...

Such a beautiful star from Tracey and you deserve the compliment!

Annapants! said...

Totally rockin' awesome! You are a SUPER-STAR in my book Mom so I'm glad other people see it too! XOXO