Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ocean to the mountains and no pots today

I went and had my root canal.
If you have never had one it is not a walk on the beach.
It is more like climbing a tall mountain and wondering when and if you will get to the top.
I was holding my own this morning thinking happy thoughts and ready for the show down.
The ( look away if you need to) needles had all been punched in and my face was numb from my chin to my left eye.
Let's get this over was all I could think.
 Then as the nurse went to band the back molar something slipped and whacked me right in a front tooth.
Well, you guessed it, she broke off a piece of my tooth.
This was not helping me to maintain my composer.
I was ready to bolt and run.
The head man came in and took a look and went off to call my regular dentist.
He was trying to convince me and him that maybe it was part of a filling.
No go mister, I knew it was part of my pearly whites.
( or use to be pearly whites.....)

So I am leaving here in 10 minutes to go see my dentist.
Geez louise, what a day.
Tomorrow I hope to post about pots.
Let's get these teeth taken care of so we can get back to what needs to be done.
You see on drugs and with the dentist 30 minutes away, Mark has to take me.

After this trip I think I will open the bottle of pain pills and have my own little party.
Join me?



Tracey Brome said...

Ouch! My last big dentist pain was four wisdom teeth out at once, two impacted and cut out. Don't like dentists! Yes, have a pain pill party, good excuse anyway haha! Feel better soonest...

Shortstuff said...

Geez Louise. That's a big oops. Hope they're paying for it. I once got poked in the lip by an uncoordinated dentist with too many instruments in his beefy mitts. Never went back.

Judy Shreve said...

'How to make a root canal worse' - by Meredith. Geez that's awful! Poor baby - bring on those pills have a loopy night & hope you feel better in the morning.

cindy shake said...

Oh that is sooo terrible! Hope you will be on the mend and smiling soon. Dentist's have been some of my best clients but they should be -our family has spent a small fortune on them! We managed to max out our dental care two years running... Root canals, bridges, crowns, blah, blah blah. BUT good dental care can keep your whole body healthy -don't put it off!

Lee Lewis said...

Ouch!! Sorry...can't imagine two dental visits in one day. Hope you're better soon.

Ben Stark said...

Ouch! With my recent wisdom teeth removal--I feel your pain. At least I got put all the way under with an IV. No needles in the mouth (at least I don't remember them). Enjoy the pain pills!!

Linda Starr said...

That is so terrible, make them pay for new pearly whites, that is a spectacular vase oooh so lucious.

Laurie said...

Goodness gracious! No fun at all. But it can only get better from here!

Trish said...

Geez louise and craptastic too!..not fun at all...
Take the drugs and sleep til tomorrow..--- a new day :).
Beautiful vase!.
Be well. Trish from Alberta

Anonymous said...

Well, that's no fair! I'm impressed you handled it so calmly. Those happy thoughts must have been pretty powerful to keep such a great attitude. Hope you pain pill party was (or still is) blissful.


Anonymous said...

i think i'd be much more pissed off. are they still charging you? that's what i don't get about the whole dr./dentist thing. if they misdiagnose and run up a bunch of bills to confirm their misdiagnosis, how come you still have to pay? when i got my wisdom teeth out, i was old enough that they had fused with my jaw and one of them came out with a piece of my jawbone with it. the bone piece was larger than the tooth. get well, and have fun at the party if you can

gz said...

I think I like the traditional Chinese way- you pay the doctor when you are healthy, as then he is obviously doing his job! If you are ill and need treatment he isn't!!

cookingwithgas said...

gz- i like it and i wish it worked that way here.
thanks all i am muh better today!