Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome we have ham.

Last night we went over to the new welcome centers which were built just down the road a piece from the Seagrove Exit.
 There are two; one on the north bound before you get to the exit and one south bound after you leave Seagrove and in case you are heading down to the beach a great place to stop in.
They are really quite nice.
I may have to go there just to use the "facilities".
These welcome centers are not like the usual welcome centers in that they are private run.
 Meaning ,we all have to pay to have them display our work.
At first I was not thrilled, but after touring the welcome centers, meeting the staff and giving it some thought we decided we would buy some space.
I will post up the after picture later but we are going right where the plant is now.
A window with a view.
 We went last night for the business after hours unveiling.
At the end of the evening they pull your business card out for a drawing for door prizes.
One of the prizes was local county ham
I had just told someone I hope they don't pull me I am not a fan of ham.
So guess who won some ham.
I had to laugh and now I have to figure out if I am going to cook with this or give it away.
I have tried county ham in the past and I find it very salty.
My parents and grandparents loved the stuff!
My mother use to worry about me because I am not a ham fan and I never liked sweet tea.
Oh, well I guess I had better stop before they throw me out of the south.

We have one more bisque kiln to fire before we glaze for the big kiln.
That gave me some time today to start glazing some tiles.

Some from the nightgown series.....
And of course oak leaves.......

Besides being a bit dopey headed today I hope I am well on my way past the root canal.


MH said...

My vote is for cooking - not giving away. Black eyed peas maybe??

Shortstuff said...

Oh, if you're going to cook it don't forget the very important soaking stage.

Anonymous said...

Very nice tiles.
How large are they?
We were making some large tiles with applied leaves onto the slab and had trouble with cracking.

Tracey Brome said...

No ham, no sweet tea?! Girl you might get thrown out of the south with that kind of talk. Wesley can go with you, she is not a fan of them either! Love the tiles.

ang said...

cool tiles...ham, yeh only at christmas and def not the salty kind..

Laurie said...

Joseph will second you on the tea. And well, we don't eat ham either. But we may have to check out the welcome center. Glad you're doing better.

Linda Starr said...

when we lived in Arkansas there was a place which had the best hickory smoked ham - the name was Burl's Country Smoke House in Mt. Ida, the best I have every had and normally I don't like ham so much either, hickory is wonderful for smoking. Your tiles look great, I've always loved oak trees, in fact an oak leaf and acorn were the logo for my landscaping business years ago, your leaves are beautiful.

Kim Hines said...

LOVE the tiles, just gorgeous! i hope you post pictures when you're finished.

i'm also not a fan of sweet tea or country ham. they don't have sweet tea here and i still say "unsweet tea" in restaurants, i just get this weird look. when i lived in VA i was gifted a few country hams, and being the cheapskate i am i found ways to cook w/ the darn salty things. try boiling it w/ some potatoes, i've heard the taters help absorb the salt. one of my favorite was carbonara. or find recipes using procuttio (sp?) and sub your ham. (just slice it thin and don't use salt!)i can give you a few ideas if you want. HTH :)

cookingwithgas said...

The tiles are 6x9.
Not very large ones.
I have folks buy them and use them with commercial tiles or alone.
The ham. I see MH- my better half has his eye on it and is calling it southern prosciutto.
Could work....
Thanks Kim- you former Va. girl- I might take you up on the recipes.
Thanks all for stopping in- i will post finished tiles later.

Anonymous said...

i love the oak leaves. can't drink sweet tea either although i drink gallons of unsweet tea. glad your getting past the root canal no ham fan

Patricia Griffin said...

Auuuuggg, root canal. Hope the worst is over. (I'm getting a tooth cap replaced this week, so I can relate!) Sure makes me appreciate modern dentistry, though!

The tiles look great, and how nice to have the new "welcome" center to display your work.