Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Framing tiles

Back in the days before the studio fire when I was first playing with clay bodies for tiles I made a few tiles to be framed.
These tiles were made so I could work out Clay bodies, glazes and firing temperatures.
Since this one was made I have moved into different galzes.
It is interesting tto see what I was working with two years ago and what I am working with now.
They tiles survived the studio fire and were boxed away.
Every once in awhile I would dig them out and play with them.
How to mount, how to frame.
Well the better half tells me if I buy him the right tool for the nailing the frames together he will make frames for me.
It was a done deal.
So we have taken the tiles, fastened them down on backer board, framed them with walnut and then grouted them.
This is all new to me and it was enjoyable to learn the process.
Also painless for me on the farms.
We have a cabinet shop close by who lets us buy some wood from them now and again.
The walnut, Mark's choice, was a good pick I think.
The frames have turned out very nice and done wonders for the tiles.

I have in mind to put a few more together while I am working on the back splash.
I figure there will be times while things are drying that I can put together some sets.
I am having a hard time letting go of the oak leaves, but then again I do love it when someone comes along and has just the right place for something.

Today we will drag out the show stuff and start packing for Hickory.
Packing for a show is an art form of its own.
Last time we had everything packed and got all the way there to find we have left out the covers for the tables.
There went any extra time we factor in.
We went in search of fabric.
Lucky us we found a fabric store and with some  help from a clerk we were able to find material and get out of there for around 45.00.

Beverly will be here keeping the store here open while we are off in Hickory.
We are both looking forward to some time out and connecting with customers.

Now- where is did I store the table covers.....


Linda Starr said...

Your oak leaves are so beautiful and the frame complements it nicely. Have fun at the show. Gary was thinking out loud one time with an idea to have enough pottery and an extra vehicle where we could keep it all packed, but there is always new pieces being made and who can afford an extra vehicle, ha, so that wouldn't work. Oh well, fun to dream.

Anna said...

I love the oak leaves too....I do them with acorns as well. Good luck with the show!